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Re: Ideapad Yoga hard disk allocation

2013-01-27, 10:14 AM

Another thing with uefi bios: This is my first machine which such bios. I fumbled quite long time with bios settings (and partitioning) trying to get it recognize usb setup stick in uefi mode or legacy support mode. Either the stick was not recognized or i ended installing windows without uefi. What finally worked, was to disable safe boot, set full uefi mode with usb boot and use usb dvd as install media.


Actually i used Zalman zm300 usb disk. It has a thumbswitch, with which it can select one iso image from special directory and "mount" it. I had to run it as optical drive only mode (andhide it as usb drive). Only then Yoga recognized it as install media.


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Re: Ideapad Yoga hard disk allocation

2013-01-27, 19:43 PM



It worked for me as well,  I was about to return this new baby,  till I found this post.    


One addition (as I had an error but I fixed it with this);


** Add a Reboot at the end of Step 5. **


When I ran    IRST\setup.exe   straight after all the disk part, I got an error that I did not have the resources to do it.  I rebooted and it installed fine.




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Re: Ideapad Yoga hard disk allocation

2013-01-29, 5:04 AM

I am working on this procedure and appear to be stuck in step 2.  When I enter in the command prompt the command it tells me that "the process can not access the file because it is being used by another process".  Any help you could be would be appreciated.  


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Re: Ideapad Yoga hard disk allocation

2013-02-07, 1:06 AM

I'm having a bit of a problem. See, Lenovo has a "fix" for this issue, but it only increases the drive to 100GB. But My usable space is still only 66GB. Since I downloaded and installed their fix, I am noticing that things are different on my end for these whole steps. I'm stuck on part 5 where you tell us to extend volumes. I don't see where any of these numbers can be input and I'm afraid that maybe the math is wrong because of the way the Lenovo update did things. Is there any way for me to get this computer completely and utterly back to scratch, like how it was when I bought, partitions and all, so I can try this whole thing again?


Help, what do I do?


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Re: Ideapad Yoga hard disk allocation

2013-02-08, 9:35 AM

Even though Levono have released a fix to take care of some of this its still worth following these instructions to get the rest of the space back.

Thanks for the info it works without hitch


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Re: Ideapad Yoga hard disk allocation

2013-02-19, 5:08 AM

I have run the ROBOCOPY CMD as administrator (it set the folder to system32)


When I try to uninstal "Intel Rapid Start Technology" it does not appear in the uninstall or change a program menu.


What am I missing? I just got the yoga 13 today, with 128 GB SSD and 8 GB RAM




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Re: Ideapad Yoga hard disk allocation

2013-02-20, 22:37 PM


I have the same issue as message 234 on this thread. I did the hotfix and I only have 66 gb of usable space. When I did the hotfix I already had 40 gb of my music on the computer so mayeb that affected it? I phoned Lenovo and they're absolutely useless. What can I do to get up to the 95-100gb that I should be getting as actual usable space? Thanks a lot


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Re: Ideapad Yoga hard disk allocation

2013-02-22, 16:36 PM

I would humbly suggest that you are never going to get 95-100 gb of space on there with the 40 gb of music you say you have.


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Re: Ideapad Yoga hard disk allocation

2013-02-22, 19:21 PM

 How do I know that I am getting the right amount of free space? Right now by going to Computer I see that I have a C partition with 187GB free out of 223 and a partition called Lenovo (D) with 2.34GB out of 3.99.


Too many pages and I really don't know if my device is ok to be honest and I'm not really sure if I have problem described n this thread.


Help please :)

I7 8gb 256ssd


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Re: Ideapad Yoga hard disk allocation

2013-02-22, 19:27 PM
Did you see the early post from Yikes2000 how to resolve your issue? I think it's the 11th post.. just look for Yikes2000 id with his solution.

Good luck.
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