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Fanfold Paper
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Re: Yoga 13"

I hope we get a solution.


otherwise this machine is going back.


I called tech support about this.  Waited about 20 minutes to get a human.  Discussed my issue with him.


First question from him was "what is a Lenovo yoga machine". I could not believe this!


After fumbling around for a few minutes, the phone call was dropped.


Then I decided to try this forum.



Fanfold Paper
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Re: Ideapad Yoga hard disk allocation

I found this forum after messing with the very same thing... I used EaseUS Partition Manager to delete and resize partitions sucessfully however when I attempted to finally merge the largest chunk into the C partition my Yoga could no longer boot (note I only deleted partitions not associated with booting I'm not that dumb Smiley Tongue).

I have no recovery discs obviously being an ultrabook and the worse part is Windows 8 doesn't have a liscense sticker that the OEM partner affixes?! SINCE WHEN! I'm getting install discs with other lisences for Win8 in a couple days but I need the liscense key on the Yoga.... any ideas for finding that or am I royally screwed? I'm a system builder myself and prebuilts annoy the heck out of me when they do dumb things like create 50GB of worthless partitions accross 6+ seperate ones... makes no sense. Sigh.

Token Ring
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Re: Ideapad Yoga hard disk allocation

Wow, thats sucky. I checked mine, and indeed it doesn't have a key listed on the sticker. So i guess I'll be sure to write mine down before i do anything crazy.


I could have understood a single recovery partition, even if it was like 20GB (though I still may have erased it) but 50GB total of a 128GB drive being set aside is just rediculous. I don't want 2 fill it almost to capacity because that will increase the SSD wear, but there's not much room to install anything with basically 40GB to play with once you just get the basics on there. Regardless I was planning on getting a 128GB SD card for my default downloads folder, but still.


Good luck getting your system working again.

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Re: Ideapad Yoga hard disk allocation

Hi guys,

I just stumble about this thread.

Strange before you noticed it, I haven´t checked the diskspace.

But hey, in a world full of clouds and as the other thread shows, the extension with an SDXC SD Card is possible, why bothering with the disk space.

Just a suggestion: Just use it or reformat it, if absolutely necessary.

My 2 cents.

Best and have fun with your Yoga

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Fanfold Paper
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Re: Ideapad Yoda hard disk allocation

I have found a way to use the recovery option in the Control panel.


With this option, you can prepare an external drive to be the recovery.  It even copies the recovery files from the hidden partition.  So it seems that its the answer to re-partition unit's 128gb drive.




I tried doing this using an SD card as the recovery drive.  There is no way to boot from this card.  It appears that the machine is not equipped to boot from SD card.   Even went into the BIOS settings, and not possible.


BTW, I turned off the fast boot option in BIOS.


I created the recovery drive onto a USB thumbdrive.  Machine takes a bit to boot up.  But USB flash drive is selectable.


Some type of recovery menu comes up, but it just runs me around with the choices.  I cannot tell machine to recover from information on USB drive.





Paper Tape
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Re: Ideapad Yoda hard disk allocation

Ok, after making this same mistake yesterday and working on it since, this is what I know:


First, the previous poster is right about the recovery drives, and there is an option to copy the full 8GB worth of restore files to the USB stick when you make it, and I HIGHLY recommend doing so, but what it wont do is allow you to actually make a full recovery from a wiped hard drive. I'll come back to this later.


As for the partitions, it turns out windows 8 needs 2 small partitions to work in addition to the main windows partition: an EFI system partition, and a Microsoft reserved partition. Sometimes OEMs add another partition in front of the EFI one, and I'm not sure what it's for exactly but it means that if you're trying to remove and merge the extra partitions, DO NOT TOUCH the first 3. If I remember right there was a 4th one before the windows partition before I changed anything, and I'm not sure what it was for so touch that at your own risk, but past that as long as you've got the 8GB recovery drive you should be able to merge the rest of the partitions using whatever program suits you (I just used the built-in diskpart program from the command line).


If you've already messed up a system partition and cant boot, the only recourse i've found is a full wipe and reinstall using a disc copy of windows 8. There are some problems with this though. 1st you either need a usb dvd drive or copy the files from the disc to a flash drive, then plug both that drive and your recovery stick into your usb ports to boot and start the install process. Then once that version is installed you can reboot to the recovery stick and use the "Reset" option to get back to factory setup.


Upshot of this is that I now have only 3 partitions on my drive: the 2 small system and reserved partitions, and a full 116GB or so main partition. Downside is I'm currently working with tech support because windows won't activate and says my product key is bad.

Fanfold Paper
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Re: Ideapad Yoda hard disk allocation

"Downside is I'm currently working with tech support because windows won't activate and says my product key is bad."

Let me know how that turns out. I have no idea what my product key is since I screwed up already... should be interesting. lol

Token Ring
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Re: Ideapad Yoda hard disk allocation

So the order they go in for me is:


1000MB Recovery

260MB EFI System

1000MB OEM

63.91GB C Drive

25GB D Drive (shrunk down to 3.05 now, with 21.95GB sitting unallocated after it)

8GB Unlabeled

20GB Recovery


Ofthose, only C, D, and the 8GB can be interacted with in Disk Management (Also Disk Maangement sesall partitions except C and D as 100% free space)


Are you sayingif I create a recovery USB it will automatically remove the recovery partition, or I'll still have to do it myself? Also I'm slightly confused by you mentioning 8GB for the recovery since the 8GB partition is unlabeled, wile the 20GB partition is specfically labled as recovery.


Any chance you can list exactly what partitions you have after doingyour reinstall, in the order they are shwn in Disk Management? And did you use an external CD drive and buy a disk copy of win8, or wereu just able to download it and put it on a thumb drive w/o having to buy another copy?


Thanks for te continues updates. 

Paper Tape
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Re: Ideapad Yoga hard disk allocation

Day two of Yoga ownership for me.  I've analyzed all the partitions for necessity.


To view the contents of the recovery partitions yourself,


1) cmd -> diskpart -> select vol 0 -> select part 8 (the 20gb one)  -> assign (this assigns a drive letter);

2) use 7-zip to dissect the .wim, or whatever else you want to do;

3) the lenovo apps - easycamera, transition, intelligent touchpad, etc. are all bloatware and are non-essential;  no native functionality is lost on removal; I'd even the consider the youcam version bloatware - it's not the same as the commercial edition.


Therefore, the contents of d:\drivers is sufficient for a full wipe/installation.  Back this directory up to a thumb drive, then full wipe!

Token Ring
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Re: Ideapad Yoga hard disk allocation

Interesting. So I went through and tried assigning drive letters to every partition with that method, here is what I found:


Assigning 'Part 1' gives you a 999MB drive (529MB free) called "WINRE_DRV", which upon opening in windows has a single folder called "Revocery" which appears empty. Opening it in 7zip add a second folder Adds a "WindowsRE" folder inside the recover folder, as well as a "System Volume Information" root folder, but both are empty.


Assigning 'Part 2' gives a 256MB drive (228 free) called "SYSTEM_DRV" that is unassessable in either windows or 7zip.


Part's 3 and 4 will select, but return "There is no volume specified" when trying to assign.


Part 5 is the C drive, and part 6 is the D drive.


Part 7 also will select, but returns "There is no volume specified" the same as 3 and 4.


Part 8 assigns as a 19.9GB drive (12GB free) called "PBR_DRV" which you have already covered.


Numbers higher than 8 will not select at all (tried through 12 to check for anything else hidden)


So yeah, it looks like parts 1, 2, and 8 have data. 1 and 2 must remain you said. 8 can be backed up to a USB stick? Same with the D drive I'd assume. Now for someone to be brave enough to figure out the best method to do all this (hopefully avoding having to do a complete reinstall as I don't currently have a win8 install laying around)


Good work so far. Smiley Very Happy


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