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Paper Tape
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Just need a lousy screw for a yoga pro!

One of the screws fell out of the back of my yoga pro and lenovo's absolutely WORTHLESS website is of absolutely NO VALUE in assisting!  The "support center" poput won't connect. The "find service provider" popup won't connect. Would it really be all that difficult to simply list the providers by state on a SIMPLE webpage somewhere? I also need whatever weird screwdriver is required -- is there something wrong with a phillips head screw? Does Lenovo enjoy making more complicated than it already is?

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Community SuperMod
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Re: Just need a lousy screw for a yoga pro!

Good day and welcome to the community.


Sorry you're having difficulty.

Try this: to search for a Service provider.


Hope this helps a bit.


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I am not a Lenovo employee.

Fanfold Paper
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Re: Just need a lousy screw for a yoga pro!

hi Ray, you've indeed entered a minefield of technical and legal issues, yes for one screw!!! Let me take you through this one step at at time as far as I've been able to waste many hours on this....


  1. A trail of small screws seem to follow Lenovo laptops. You'll find many posts such as

    "It's normal. They fell out of mine as well."  

    That's by Jonas Hendrix (who's a nice volunteer here with "guru" status) about the Yoga 13 screws (I presume the Pro is similar).  He gives some instructions about screw types, and in this thread you'll also find customers who write with all capitals. If you decide to read through my message you'll understand why; there's a lot of blame to go around and yes, I hate say, but Ray you'll probably learn, it's your fault and I'll show how to get that in writing below Smiley Happy

  2. You might be better of with substituting a Phillips screw, see this thread here, where you'll find more all-caps customer feed-back. There's a hitch, next point.

  3. Te exiciting part: the reason that a customer most return the whole laptop to Lenovo for repair is that the screws are treated with a locking compound. So if you just plug in a screw, without compound, it's going to fall out again! But you could just have screw driver handy and tighten once in a while!

  4. However, the screws fall out under normal use as well, even with compound. This is amply documented.

  5. The screws in the back are like engine mount screws: critical and the whole device, yes, will literally break apart (my own post) if you do not fix the problem with missing or loose screws.

  6. It's also documented in several instances that Lenovo will accuse the customer of product abuse when they complain of loose screws. You can search around. I was accused myself. Yet, I had been extraordinarily careful in my repair request stating to Lenovo that the missing screw lead to the catastrophic failure of the Yoga case. In their repair estimate Lenovo was very equally careful to state:

    "After further diagnosis, our repair engineers found damages on your computer that is not covered by the Lenovo limited warranty." 

    Thus I wasted several hours in trying to have the credit card extended warranty cover the resulting damage. You can buy as much extended warranty as you want: it's as worthless as Lenovo's own warranty.

  7. I believe that Lenovo systematically denies valid warranty claims in this regard. I'm considering my options currently. 




Paper Tape
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Re: Just need a lousy screw for a yoga pro!

Thanks for your detailed reply, but I found a remarkably simple solution -- or rather my wife did! I suspected the screw was important because of the way the body warped when I tried to open it. I thought of just using a phillips screw but, with my luck, I was afraid it might void the warranty. I finally got in contact with a Lenovo service rep who INSISTED I send the laptop back to the company to be repaired.  Despite a prolonged effort at insisting that I was fully capable of screwing in a single screw, NOTHING was going to overcome this clown's demand that I return it!


Fortunately, my wife passed by after that experience and, grieving at the sight of the man she married curled up in the corner sucking his thumb and weeping, she helped me limp to a chair, fixed me a stiff one, took the matter in hand and quickly found a website called -- are you ready for this? -- ""  I swear to God, only a woman would think to look for a company that sells nothing but laptop screws! In cany case, they confirmed that this is a general problem with yoga screws and that they regularly stock at least 2000 of them.  


So my wife ordered some screws which arrived a couple of days ago. The thought occurred to me that I might need some sort of special screwdriver, so she called the company back and, indeed, they said it needed some sort of custom screwdriver which I added to the order.


I wonder if ANYONE at Lenovo realizes that they have possibly just loss a customer over a lousy screw!

Paper Tape
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Re: Just need a lousy screw for a yoga pro!

Ray, your wife is a SAINT among us screw-losing mortals.



LENOVO FIX THIS NEXT TIME. One of my Yoga 2 Pro's screws just fell out as well.

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Bit Torrent
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Re: Just need a lousy screw for a yoga pro!

It is sad but I carry around a T5 bit just to tighten my screws, since my screws are always falling out.

Token Ring
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Re: Just need a lousy screw for a yoga pro!

That's really sad.
Use some liquid Lock-tite.
Works great.
What's DOS?
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Re: Just need a lousy screw for a yoga pro!

I have the same problem but on a X1 carbon


I tightened the screws myself when they loosened, and then they came out again. After a few repeats I contacted lenovo and got the same runaround ... that it was my fault.


I think this is a product fault and nothing to do with my (or your) usage. I barely even used the laptop and the screws started coming out! For such an expensive laptop, this is not normal, and their response is terrible!


My question: if I add loctite 222 or something like that, will it void my warranty?

Have I already voided my warantee by having told them that I touched the screws? (I hope not - that would be incredibly wrong on their behalf!)


Thanks for any advice

Paper Tape
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Re: Just need a lousy screw for a yoga pro!

Oh RayTaylor MD you have NO IDEA how close I've come to sniveling in the corner over my 5 - count them - 5 lost screws that led to my USB ports failing, overheating of my system next to the right hinge, and increased battery drainage. Lo and behold I "borrowed" (stole?, no I will replace them!), screws from an associate of mine with the same system and POW! all these ailments magically disappeared. Now I'm on the hunt for a stash of these screws but found the "" website very user unfriendly and am hopeful you can share the size/measurements of the screws ordered for these well as the tool? Thank you - and thank your wife! very much.
Paper Tape
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Re: Just need a lousy screw for a yoga pro!

Thanks for actually stating a T5. Everyone else can't seem to give a straight simple answer.

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