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What's DOS?
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Re: Just need a lousy screw for a yoga pro!

What was the size of the screw that worked?

Paper Tape
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Re: Just need a lousy screw for a yoga pro!

Please someone answer this question!
What's DOS?
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Re: Just need a lousy screw for a yoga pro!

Here's the link to the Lenovo Yoga 2 Pro Hardware Maintenance Manual:

The relevant information is on page 37 of 76 (pdf viewer page) or page 33 of the actual document (as numbered) for the screw information and a walk-through of how to remove them.


Here is the screw and torque information if you prefer not to view the PDF directly because of security concerns:


     Screw (quantity) - M2 × 5 mm, flat-head, nylok-coated (11)

     Color - Silver

     Torque - 1.85+/-0.15 kgf*cm


If you want to purchase these screws from the aforementioned "" here are links to the screws, lock-tight coating, and the T5 (star-shaped) torque screw driver required to remove the old and/or install the new ones:


     Screws - M2x5mm - (chose one of the top two so the head seats below the bevel of the case when screwed in all the way, silver or black in color per your preference)

     Threadlock (loctite) - (this will last you forever, but like thermal paste for processors, it's worth the purchase)

     Screw Driver - (T5) - (I didn't see anything not sold out on the laptopscrews site so here is a simple and cheap 8-in-1 star shaped (Tn) screw driver set. There are also 32-in-1's out there for ~$15USD on Amazon or that could be a better purchase, but that's up to you really).


*Note: If you are purchasing please verify the above as I provide no warranty and I am otherwise just another ghost on the internet and not infallible. That being said I only have the best interests in mind considering I too am having this issue with my (future) wife's Yoga Pro 2.


Hope this helps anyone else who stumbles upon this thread! (pun intended Smiley Wink)


Edit: Updated formating and some further explaination. And Happy Turkey day to you and yours! Smiley Happy

Fanfold Paper
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Re: Just need a lousy screw for a yoga pro!

Aha! Thank you youITguy for the information and excellent detective work!


I have an alternate suggestion for the replacement screw, however. I found this one:

It is a "wafer head" torx M2 screw, with a 4.5mm length. I know that the hardware manual specifies 5mm, but I suspect that may be a loose figure, because the 5mm ones have a Phillips screwhead rather than Torx, and I measured mine and if you want to be 100% precise it is in fact 4.5mm long. (You measure from the base of the head down to the end.) So it looks like the 4.5mm version is the more exact match for a replacement, imho. Though, of course, it appears you can't go wrong either way, so disregard if you've already ordered.


I also found a slightly cheaper threadlocker here:
It's a Loctite 242 rather than 222, which makes it "medium strength" rather than light strength. But a) the 222 is up to twice as expensive, and b) haven't we already established we need MORE locking strength?


Just my two bucks.

What's DOS?
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Re: Just need a lousy screw for a yoga pro!

After gathering info from various forums, I found this to be the best solution for Yoga 3 (not 2) Pro replacement screws for the bottom panel of the laptop. Go to, click on "Metric Screws", then "M2 Screws", then "M2x3.5mm". The one I got was the "White Zinc Wafer Head Screw". They're very cheap as well! Hope this helps! 

Fanfold Paper
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Re: Just need a lousy screw for a yoga pro!

Shortly after getting my Yoga 2 Pro I checked the screws and found that some were not snug, so I tightened them all and they haven't come loose since.

It really seems like the problem is that they are not properly tightened from the factory, and from what I've read here, even the repair depot.

I was a repair tech at a Lenovo service partner and always made sure ALL the screws were tight on any laptop I worked on (even the screws I didn't need to remove). Too bad I don't work for that company any longer. I had tons of those screws at my disposal. Check to see if you have a Lenovo service partner in your area.

The M2x5mm Torx screws are difficult to find, but the cross-head (Phillips) are easier.

FYI: be very careful with Locktite, it's not safe for plastic. Read the label. There is a metal thread insert, but if Locktite gets on the surrounding plastic it can weaken, causing the thread insert to break loose, and then it becomes a MUCH more difficult and expensive repair.
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What's DOS?
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Re: Just need a lousy screw for a yoga pro!

Anyone have similar information on Yoga 11s? Two machines, multiple screws MISSING. Thanks in advance.

What's DOS?
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Re: Just need a lousy screw for a yoga pro!

Says "Page Cannot Display".


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