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Fanfold Paper
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Re: Laptop randomly turns off

I just ended up bringing my laptop to a repair shop and they had to replace the motherboard.

Paper Tape
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Re: Laptop randomly turns off

Oh wow, how much did that cost?

Paper Tape
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Re: Laptop randomly turns off

Fwiw, this started happening with my Lenovo laptop this week. It wouldn’t stay powered on long enough to run any kind of diagnostics. I ended up removing the bottom cover, battery and memory. I also did the hold the power button down for 30 seconds while unplugged and battery removed although probably wasn’t necessary. This solved my issue. While apart, I cleaned the fan and vents, but overheating was not my issue. 

What's DOS?
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Re: Laptop randomly turns off

For the sake of completeness:

I own a Lenovo G70-70.

Using Win10 I did experience several BSODs (random error messages, anything from memory, IRQ, kernel etc issues).
I decided to rebuilt this laptop with a brandnew and total updated Win10, hoping for the best - in vain.

Now I am experiencing random shutdowns (actually more like 'hibernates'). The screen suddenly turns black, the device shuts all the way down (ALL LEDS turn OFF,even when plugged into the power outlet!). Restarting Windows leads back to the open session, luckily.

Also I noticed a funny Win10 flaw: occasionally it reports my installed battery to be at 255% (that's hexFF, folks!)
Something tells me that both issues may be related, that the laptop reports nonsense data for its (good) battery and triggers these shutdowns: Next time it happens I will remove the battery from the device..


Regardless to mention I am very disappointed about Windows 10 (a total nuiscance, unreliable, irrational, slow, full of weird errors) and this Lenovo device. I have never seen such a lousy OS/hardware combination in 20+ years - even my 2003 DELL 3GHz laptop with XP runs flawless (with its original battery!), is still used frequently.


For now I tried to actively turn of 'hibernate by: "powercfg.exe /hibernate off". I never turned this feature on (SSDs devices  should not be tortured with these frequent GByte dumps); it never appeared as an option in the power menu.. We'll see what will happen next..



What's DOS?
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Re: Laptop randomly turns off

Replying to my own last message:

the random 'auto shutdown' events appear indeed to be related to the battery management of Windows 10 for this Lenovo G70-70.

A careful sleuthing of the event manager shows that each abrupt power-down is preceded by several entries like:

"Änderung der Anzahl aktiver Akkus"


"Triggerbedingung für Critical-Akku erreicht"

The first error indicates a 'change of the amount of batteries' (whatever; my laptop has ONE, and that one is in good health).

The second error indicates that a 'threshhold' value for battery capacity has been triggered (the battery is fully charged, showing a whopping "255%" in my wonderful Lenovo!)


I got tired of this nonsense, and removed the battery bar completely. 

Better for my battery, better for my Windows and better for me (I was close to a nervous breakdown whenever getting  thrown out of Windows at any random time in the midst of typing).

Sort of sad to see such a bad hardware design and compatibility problems with Windows 10, but what else can I do?


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