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Paper Tape
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Registered: ‎04-27-2016
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Lenova Yoga 3 Keyboard not working again!!



I recently upgraded my laptop to the Yoga 3. This initally looked like a great decision but boy was i wrong!!!

Initally encountered the keyboard issue after 2-3 months. Went through all the steps online and in the forums to resolve,

  • Reboot
  • Checked Drivers
  • Started in BIOS
  • Connect external USB 
  • Tries turning on the backlight to via lenova setting to check if anythign worked on keyboard
  • Re0-installed drivers - note: the were already the latest drivers......


After all that and more everything turned out to be hardware issue when returned to the shop. 

Needless to say been optimistic and prob as it was a sunny day in Ireland i decided ok i will get it replaced with another Yoga 3. Whats the chances of this happening again..... Famous last words....

Brought it home and bear in mind i did not upgrade to windows 10 this time the same thing happened. 

Long story short brought it back to shop and the replaced again with yoga 3....

Now yet again after 2 months the laptop keyboard does not work again... 

AT this stage feel like the product design should have just removed the keyboard in the first place and market it as a tablet. 


Oh BTW; screen rotation is another issue as does not work. Really feel at this stage i would be more productive going back to writing with a pencil and checking out books from library that using this laptop anymore. 


Now that my rant is over.... depp breath in..... Can anyone help :-) 

Paper Tape
Posts: 2
Registered: ‎04-27-2016
Location: IE
Views: 401
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Re: Lenova Yoga 3 Keyboard not working again!!

Apologies for spelling errors - typing using virtual keypad not ideal as my keyboard does not work :-)

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