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Lenovo 730, terrible performance and battery life when unplugged



I got a 730 yoga a few weeks ago for college. I only used it at home and occasionally at the library, always hooked up to a charger, up until last week when I arrived on campus. Recently, its problems when unplugged have made this laptop nearly unbearable to use. It has terrible performance relative to being plugged in despite having a battery life of 3 hours at most, with merely switching desktops and typing on onenote taking ages and it barely being able to survive for the duration of a few back-to-back afternoon classes. When I tried to increase the performance by making the minimum CPU power from 5% to 100%, there was a slight increase in performance, but still far behind performance whilst charging.


This laptop is advertised as having an 11.5 hour maximum battery life, but in practice it barely lasts a fourth of that, and slugglishly so to boot. There is no clear damage to the computer and these problems have existed for as long as I've had it, so I assume that there is something up with the software. I'd like help ASAP. I wouldn't want a mere hardware issue to mess up my college experience.

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