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Lenovo Ideapad Yoga 13 - Battery Issues

I am having some problems with the battery on my Lenovo Ideapad Yoga 13.  I have searched the forum to find a mountain of topics with problems similar but not quite the same.  I have also tried a lot of the suggestions to resolve the issue but none have worked so I guess i have to start my own thread.


My Lenovo has been working fine (well has fine as could be expected with these machines) up until last week.   I had been using the machine in work without issue and put it into the car (fully charged) to take home.   When i went to use it again a couple of days ago I plugged in the charger as normal and turned it on, only to find it completely dead.   The power machine didnt turn on and the power button didnt illuminate.   My initial feeling was that i may have accidently turned the machine on while in the car and this had drained the battery.   I also thought that perhaps the power supply was faulty so I bought a new one.


When i tried the new power supply it was the same result as the original, (not turning on and no illumination on the power button).    I went back to the original power supply, this time there was a fan noise (although the machine did not turn on), and the battery indicator flashed repeatedly orange (which i believe means the battery is below 5% and needs charging.   So i left the oringal power supply plugged in overnight to charge.   Next morning the battery indicator was still flashing repeatedly orange.


Back i went to the new power supply, this time I turned on the machine and it started ok, however the battery indicator was showing empty and the battery indicator continued to flash orange repeatedly.   Thats when i started hunting the forums for an answer.   I changed various battery settings on the ideapad (which is running windows 10) and downloaded the Lenovo Companion app which when it ran told me the battery was in Good Condition.   


Last night i decided to leave the machine on and let it charge while the machine was running.   This morning when i got up the machine had eventually turned itself off but thankfully (I thought) the battery indicator was a solid white.   I tuned on the machine and the indicator beside the clock on the laptop screen showed full (100% and charging) so i disconnected power supply to see if it would continue to run which it did.   I then plugged power supply back in the indicator on the screen then started to show charging then went to show empty and the flashing orange light on the machine battery indicator started to flash repeatedly orange again.   I removed the power supply and immediately the machine died.


I plugged in the power supply again turned on the machine and in the windows start screen the battery indicator showed full, the indicator beside the clock in windows is showing 100% and chargaing and the battering indicator on the machine is still flashing repeatedly orange.   I therefore know that as soon as i post this and then unplug the machine will die.   


I am conviced that the battery iteself is not the issue so i have down a few updates from the support site in the hope that this resolves the issue but i doubt it.   Anybodys assistance would be of great help.



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