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Lenovo S100 not have enough space for Update Windows 10.


I bought a Lenovo S100 and it just has 32GB hard drive, I can't update Windows because it need more space!!! Why Lenovo product this model and not thinking about the future?



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Re: Lenovo S100 not have enough space for Update Windows 10.

Just a clarification on the model number you own.  Is it a Lenovo 100S by chance?  Thanks !

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Re: Lenovo S100 not have enough space for Update Windows 10.

You  may be able to use external storage - SD card, flash drive, HDD - to provide extra space during the upgrade.



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Re: Lenovo S100 not have enough space for Update Windows 10.

I have a similar problem. I bought an Ideapad 110S in January with a 32 GB hard drive with WIndows 10 pre-installed, I have added a 64 GB SD card, but I don't know how to configure the laptop to use the SD Card instead of the hard drive. I have uninstalled all the applications I installed (except Chrome, because it insists I close all Chrome tabs, even though I don't have anything open), as well as a number of default applications. But it it still does not free up enough space. There is basically only the operating system and the downloaded update files on the hard drive, and not enough space to complete the Windows updates.


I got excited when I saw the PC World article, but that option to use an external hard drive does not seem to be offered for updates, only for initial installation.

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