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Lenovo YOGA 720 Quality Control Issues

This is now my second Lenovo Yoga 720 13" that I recived from Best Buy. I returned the first one because I noticed the screen did not meet the rubber bezel at the top, exposing the inside of the monitor. This caused me to worry about dust and hair getting behind the screen and possibly destroying it. The second one has the same problem as well as many others. The power button on the first one clicked when I pressed it, however with this one there is no click and I must hold the laptop and press the power button all with more strength than a person should have to just to get it to turn the laptop on. Also the trackpad comes above the right side of the laptop where the left side rests below. There is also a strange rattling coming from the plastic peices at the bottom of the screen. Many of the keys on the keyboard stick at random points when I'm typing causing the keys to not type. Also many of the lights behind the keys are either burned out or extremely dim, now I find it hard to believe that they burned out from my using the laptop since it is fairly new. Lastly there is sharp metal sticking out on the right side of the laptop that often scratches me when I put it into tablet mode. I can still use the laptop, but I feel like I have to be overly careful with it because of all these issues. It is as if this laptop was never checked for defects before it was sent to Best Buy.

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