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Blue Screen Again
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Lenovo Yoga 11S left/right click are not working

Dear all,


I appreciate a lot if you could guide me to solve the problem on my touchpad with respect to left and right clicks. Just a remark that one and double left clicks work well for making a selection on a word, but I cannot do the right click or select some text using left click and swiping. Nothing happens when I click them. This issue started recently; might be related to installing my anti-virus program; I´m not sure...


Hope this issue is finally solved...

Thanks a lot in advance for your help !

K. Bulut

What's DOS?
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Re: Very Similar problem with Yoga 3 Pro

My Yoga 3 Pro also has touchpad issues. I typiclally only L-click, tap(L-click), and R-click. I disable all synaptics features except the 3 I mentioned( L-click, tap(L-click), and R-click).


Ok, Here is what I know after upgrading to Windows 10.

Using Synaptics Generic IC2 driver Or Lenovo Synaptics Win10 Drivr or the Windows 10 Update Driver, R-click button acts as L-click and R-click simultaneously. When I uninstal Lenovo's driver and Synaptics driver and the Windows Update driver, then hide the Windows Update driver using a Microsoft tool for hiding updates, it works using Microsoft Windows 10 drivers just fine for me (No 2 finger/3 finger/4finger/whatever other multi-touch stuff). I have tried 2 finger tap to R-click, but L-click occurs at the same time as the R-click function.


So. Currently I am using the native Windows 10 driver. No Lenovo Synaptic/No Generic Synaptic, and hide the Windows Update Synaptic Update and it works for me at this moment for a touchpad that works like a mouse. As far as multi-touch, I give up.


Any suggestions, fixes, ideas are appreciated.



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