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Lenovo Yoga 13, Battery "plugged in not charging"

Hi, i bought this Lenovo Yoga 13 machine 3 days ago, and now the battery is discharging and when i plug the power cord the battery icon shows me the "plugged in not charging" message. The problem began last night. I've read some forums, and tried changing the battery configuration to this or that, nothing works. I've also read that in 65% the battery will start to charge. It doesn't, i'm currently in 56% and discharging. The problem began after a Windows 8 update, so I'm suspecting the OS is the problem.... 


I dont know what will happen when the battery discharge completely.... but i will discharge it and tell here what happens...



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Re: Lenovo Yoga 13, Battery "plugged in not charging"

Hi iperich,


Thanks for posting in the Lenovo Community,


I’d like to advise you to try to turn on the machine using the Ac-Adapter only without the battery to make sure if the Ac-Adapter is charging and working fine,


If the charger is working fine let me ask you to try to uninstall the Lenovo energy management application and then try to refresh the system and then try to install the software back again and then  check the battery icon status,


Hope the information helps. Let us know.





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Re: Lenovo Yoga 13, Battery "plugged in not charging"

How would removing the battery be possible?  We cannot (technically, easily) remove the battery from the Yoga.

What's DOS?
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Re: Lenovo Yoga 13, Battery "plugged in not charging"



I am facing to the same issue with my Yoga 13 as well since this week /bought in November 2012/. I saw your post and it seems to be a general issue. I also tried various energy settings, but my laptop stops charging at 60% in any case. Also does not matter if connect / shut down or connected / working mode. Please advise on next steps as removing battery is not an option without visiting service - which I assume would be last option /in case there was no windows or bios update/.

Thanks in advance,


Serial Port
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Re: Lenovo Yoga 13, Battery "plugged in not charging"

Hi, i've reached the solution. The problem, in the end, is Windows 8, that is never clear about anything. I'm using Windows in spanish, and the translation is pretty lame besides. But well... i'had the same problem, the battery only charged up to 60% and it was all about a "battery saving" mode, what is not CHARGE saving, (not made for make the CHARGE lasting more in hours until it dies, but BATTERY lasting more in years before it comes unusable), so it charges up to 60% for not "stress" the battery. Of course, Windows does'n explain this at all,  and then I found that, besides of the battery icon in the task bar where i can change the battery settings, there is other icon related to battery in "hidden icons", "Energy Management", is an icon with a little car in it. It has three sections, "Energy Plan" (i'm translating what windows 8 in spanish says, maybe this is not the same in english windows), Battery and "Smart energy saving". In the "Battery" section you have two modes, try changing these. (In spanish one says "maximum battery life" that is about CHARGE, saving power and charging up to 100% and the other "Optimized state of the battery", about BATTERY life in years, charging up to 60%)  


Nowhere it says "battery will charge up to 60%" NOWHERE!!!!! I think Windows people should worry about issues like these, and save a couple micro-heart attacks like mine when I thank that my brand-new machine batteries were broken!!!!


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Re: Lenovo Yoga 13, Battery "plugged in not charging"

It's not Window's or Microsoft's fault.

It's Lenovo's and their Energy Management app that ships with Öptimize Battery Health" enabled. TUrn that off and it'll charge up to 100%
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Re: Lenovo Yoga 13, Battery "plugged in not charging"

my system is just 20 days old but now i faced this issue-plugged in not charging.

I uninstalled power management and installed again. YES, IT WORKED. now it is charging as usual.


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Re: Lenovo Yoga 13, Battery "plugged in not charging"

Please, could you tell me how you do that?  My battery is plugged in but not charging at 31%.  I don't know how to turn of power mangagement, or is it called energy management?  Please help.

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