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Punch Card
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Lenovo Yoga 13 WIFI Problem - making sense of the problem

Hi Lenovo


For the past 3 days i have been doing some research and observations in order to try to make sense of this wifi issue and maybe someone will come up with a solution.


Lets start


First of all i assume that when this laptop was being developed some form of testing was done before it was released, so the wifi must have worked well within lenovo offices.


Also not everyone is having this issue - some people claim no problems at all, whilst others whathever they try they can't seem to be able to fix it.  Some even send their laptop for repair, other even had it replaced, yet the problem still persisted.


So the problem seems to be related to one factor - the router people are using.


Some people have a router that works well with this laptop, and so have no issue.


Other have a router that is "not compatible" with the wifi card and so no matter how many lenovo yoga 13 machines they have it will still not work.


I also noticed in my situation that when i use my android phone or tablet as wifi hotspot i have no issues, yet when i use my home router its a nightmare.

Also i noticed that chaging the way how the laptop connects to the router can make a difference;


1, At first i used a fixed IP with alternate configuration - this was horrible (continous disconnection, routers wifi crashing, takes ages to connect)

2, Then i used fixed ip in the general configuration - ths was better, yet still problems (yet disconnections were less, yet still took long to connect and at times router's wifi crashed)

3, Dynamic Ip - this is the best configuration - connects quickly, does not disconnect, yet internet connection slow and at times routers wifi crashes.


So i think its a question of compatablity with the wifi network you are using.


Also based on this i do not think this is a hardware issue - since hardware problems tend to be all or nothing - whilst in this case if one connects to a "compatable" router the connection is good.


So this is a driver issue and thus if lenovo puts some effort in this - it can be fixed - yet this doesn't seem to be the case unfortunately.


What can help from our side if everyone posts the routers and connection settings (e.g. static ip, dynamic ip etc) they are using and stating whether their wifi is working or not.


Maybe we can close down on the problem and find a fix asap.


Let me start with my configuration.


Samsung galaxy s2 and samsung note 10.1 - wifi tetharing - works fine

Belkin Pre-N router with dynamic ip and wpa2 password - problems



Paper Tape
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Re: Lenovo Yoga 13 WIFI Problem - making sense of the problem

I had the same problem.  I came across someon that found a fix.  My Yoga is restoring right now (I tried windows 8.1, it didnt work outwell) so I can't tell you the exact steps but it goes something like this.


1.) right click my computer 

2.) click properties

3.) Device Manager

4.) open properties of WiFi device (under network adapter)

5.) Go to Advance

6.) there is an option to use use either 20_40w or 20w under one of the energy/power related options in this list.

(This is part I can't remember off the top of my head) - Turn to 20w instead of the variable rate.

6.) Change the Bandwith option from 20_40w to 20w.

5.) OK out till your at your desktop (might require Reboot, I dont remember) 


That is how I kept my WiFi from destroying my Wireless networking in my house.  I was rebooting my WiFi network hourly before.


Punch Card
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Re: Lenovo Yoga 13 WIFI Problem - making sense of the problem

I have resolved my issue.


As i have suspected the problem is when you try to connect to a particular router.


In my case i have a Belkin Pre-N Router - once i set the router to use b + G only - i have no more issues - good connection and good speeds.


I think the issue here is that since my router is Pre-N, and the card is N - then there is a conflict between the 2 protocols.


Will soon receive my new router an Asus AC 66 - will see if i have any issues with this.


Yet anyone having issues try disabling the N protocol on your router and see if the problem resolves.


I have tried laptop with an N router and it worked fine wihtout problem - so the issue is when connecting with an N-Draft router

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