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Lenovo Yoga 2 11 shuts down unexpectedly

2014-10-02, 21:53 PM

I'm a little frustrated with Lenovo products lately!  I recently had an issue with the battery not keeping charge/not reporting the right percentage/instant charge drops/etc. so I sent it out to have it repaired.  Recieved it back this morning and now I have another issue!  The laptop unexpectedly shuts down while in use whether connected to the adapter or running on it's own battery!  Let me remind you...I bought this thing 3 MONTHS AGO!  How is it that I'm dealing with all these issues on a brand spanking new laptop?????  Now they're recommending I send it back!  My old laptop lasted for 8 years without any issues and I spend a few months with Lenovo and all I get is crap!  Customer service now says they'll send an email to customer relations to contact me and by previous threads it seems like it's a hit or miss on whether you get a call from them!  I have no idea what to do now...I have no time to send this new laptop back and forth!


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Re: Lenovo Yoga 2 11 shuts down unexpectedly

2014-12-10, 21:45 PM

I have the same problem. 

I bought my Lenovo Yoga 2 11  20428 less than 2 months ago and this problem started about 10 days ago with increase frequency.  A couple of times, 3 or 4 now,  the screen also started "running"  horizontally and vertically, so the graphics would be "broken" into several black and white small rectangles with the screen image appearing on the back of the black and white rectangles. It is hard to describe, sorry.


I just took it to the store to be serviced, they checked the hardware and cleaned it, but say they could not replicate the problem, so they could not send it to Lenovo as per the manufacturer's policy. They say it could be software or I should update drivers. I did update everything that was not updtaed and nothing changed.


Here are some notes:


- The computer shuts off immediately, no warning, nothing, just immediate black screen.

- At first it would restar a few seconds later on its own, but now I have to press to power button to get it back on.

- it happens on battery and AC power

 - Happens when I am running something slightly heavier, such as streaming video, or when I have many internet windows open at once, which should be an issue

- system got a little slower some times before I it shut down

- the battery is fine, it is brand new and after computer restarts it continues running

- does not seem to be overheating, at least I do nto feel the temperature to be hot


Appreciate if anyone can help solve this mistery!

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