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Lenovo Yoga 2 13 doesn't turn on

Hi guys,


Although reading about similar situations, haven't read exactly mine yet, so here goes.


switching on results in the power light switching on for a few seconds. when charger is pugged in, charging light will turn on (as long as the charger is plugged in). no screen activity at all. removed the battery and 'drained' the system by keeping the power on button pressed for 1 minute (read that somewhere on the net). i read in the Lenovo manual that after removing the battery and plugging in the charger, the laptop should switch on just using the mains, but unfortunately mine doesn't, just, as mentioned earlier, the power light goes on for a few seconds. reading the manual in this situation they advise to replace the system board..... aha. to be honest, i haven't measured the voltage of the charger, when plugged in (should be 20 V inside the plug) as i don't have a V meter. should i look into that before writing it off completely ? For me, because it doesn't work on just the mains (so without battery), i guess the motherboard is screwed. any more ideas ?


any tips welcome, thanks !

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