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Fanfold Paper
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Lenovo Yoga 3-14 BIOS problem



I'm having a rotatation problem - the screen doesn't rotate itself automaticly on Win10 - I actually have to turn on and off the auto-rotate button to do the rotation - but it's not the cause right now. 


After that I decided to update the BIOS in order to eliminate that problem (at least I hoped for that) - so I downloaded a file from Lenovo site (bacna0ww). It updated itself but it didn't actually turned off the computer (the closing screen turned on for a second and got back to my desktop), so I had to turn it off by myself. After that it got updated (shortly saying) and then the "boot menu" appeard with a boot device to choose - which is my SSD (nothing else). I can choose the device by clicking enter but nothing happens. Screen flickers for a moment and got back immiedietly to the same boot menu with a SSD to choose as a boot device. 


I was able to boot it by setting "legacy boot" and turning off UEFI by it - but why it actually happend? Can I turn it back as it was before? I tried installing the older BIOS version (it installed with an automatic restart without a problem) but it didn't help. The "boot menu" on UEFI still appears and still holds me back, so I can't boot by simply choosing my SSD and clicking enter on it.


Will you be able to help me? Moreover - the auto rotation still doesn't work.

Lenovo Technology Partner
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Re: Lenovo Yoga 3-14 BIOS problem

Greetings James,

Thank you for choosing lenovo 


Im sorry that you are going through this , however i will try to get you some solutions . 


In regards to the Auto Rotation issue i would suggest you to try :- 

Go to Control Panel> Display>Change Display Settings and then make sure that the "Allow the screen to auto-rotate" is selected. 

Give it a try and update us on how it worked , 


Also in regards to the Boot issue that you are facing, i would suggest you to Reset the BIOS by just Pressing 

F9 or Fn+F9 then choose Yes, Right after that just Press F10 or Fn+F10 to exit saving changes and let the machine 

restart and monitor how it works . 


Would very much appreciate an update from you after you have tried these steps james 


Best regards,

Fanfold Paper
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Re: Lenovo Yoga 3-14 BIOS problem

The problem with BIOS disappeard after reinstalling Win10 and setting in BIOS launch in UEFI mode.


The problem with screen rotation remains - I've tried most of the things found on the internet. The screen rotates only while I turn the "lock of auto-rotate" on and off. 


The new problem appeard after installing that new bios and reinstalling the Windows - 1st: battery charges automaticlly to 100% instead of 95% for example in order to save battery life - I don't know why and second is that when the AC is plugged the touchpad and keyboard starts to work erraticly.


Is there actual way to make a hard-reset with all settings including BIOS just to go back to the settings as they were when the laptop was bought for example? Something like removing CMOS but done in an easier way without stripping the laptop? Or maybe could you tell me what is the most stable or which is the stock BIOS for Yoga 3-14? I might be able to make a BIOS flashback to the older version of BIOS which was more consistent I suppose.


EDIT: The problem with touchpad and keyboard are working fine for now actually.

Fanfold Paper
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Re: Lenovo Yoga 3-14 BIOS problem

The problem with boot gone after reinstalling Win10 with UEFI mode in BIOS.

The Screen rotation issue still exists. Moreover after turning laptop into tablet or tent mode the keyboard and touchpad remains active. Also I had something weird issue which is gone for now - after plugging the AC adapter the keyboard and touchpad were working slowly or inconsistently for some time - I have no idea why and it happend after all that BIOS update. One more thing which is bugging me is the fact that after all that fresh install the battery charges itself to the 100% instead of holding back on 95% for example in order to save battery.

These three things are main problems for now. Either way - is there any chance of going back to the original BIOS? I am able to find the older BIOS and install it by BIOS flashback but I would need to know what is the original version of BIOS supplied within laptop.



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