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Lenovo Yoga 3 14 Win10 Graphics Driver



I have a Yoga 3 1470 (80JH) with an onboard Intel Graphics 5500 GPU (Broadwell GT2). I recently completed a clean Win10 install (it shipped with 8.1) and since the upgrade the GPU utilisation (3D) will randomly hit 95-100%, this has a major impact on performance and the utilisation does not drop until the machine is reloaded. The only workaround I've found is to run the basic microsoft display driver, but obviously this is has very limited capability so is not a long term option.


- Tried numerous drivers, both OEM & generic Intel. (it is currently back on latest OEM driver .4835)

- Upgraded BIOS

- Tweaked power settings

- Tweaked Intel Control Panel Settings 

- Increased the dedicated video memory to 512MB

- Disabled Background Apps 

- Ran Diagnostics Checks


Using microsoft process monitor, during the high utilisation events there are no processes excessivly loading up the GPU so I am a little lost.


I'm at the point where I think either the Yoga 3 80JH model has compatibility issues with Win10 but came up with nothing when looking for similar issues on the web, or....potentially I have a hardare probleim here (although it passes Lenovo diagnostics checks?).


Any help/suggestions is greatly appreciated.. 





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