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Fanfold Paper
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Lenovo Yoga 3 - 1470 (80JH) - General issues to solve

Hi guys,


I am opening this post because I think that it could be useful to everyone who would like to solve several issues related to this laptop. I think that it is a really good notebook but it needs a lot of work to have it working in a proper way.

So first of all I am posting here a link of a doc in which I am monitoring several issues I encountered and how I solved them. I know that it is not very easy to read it because its style is personal notes-like but I am sharing it anyone...probably someone can find the information he needs.

Lenovo Yoga 3 1470 80JH monitoring doc


I am continuously updating this doc.

Fanfold Paper
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Re: Lenovo Yoga 3 - 1470 (80JH) - General issues to solve

In this second post I am sharing the configuration to use with Notebook Fan Control software (probably some of you already know about this software if you hate the noise which fans of this laptop are able to do!). 
I added of course some considerations I noticed in preparing this config.

Here we are...


Yoga 3 1470 80JH using Windows 10 and NBFC 1.4.2.

I appreciated a lot the work done by Mr. Cheeze but I found it incomplete, so I basically investigated the issue a bit more.

I did not open the notebook but I found online that it is equipped with 2 fans. So, first step was adding the 2nd fan. 

Then I started to investigate if we can effectively control the fans and the answer is NO, but we can play a bit to force them to have a behavior. My target was only one: REDUCE the FANS NOISE and consequently their speed, because I think that this laptop is almost able to work in fanless mode (and believe me I stress it a lot, especially in terms of multitasking).


Before showing my personal code to be used in NBFC I am giving you some information I retrieved by the Read&Write software (32bit version works well).
→When Fans starts HEX values show up at position 6 and 254. These are the 2 actual speed values of the fans.
→The target values (so where you have to write the desired fans speed) are in position 86 and 176. I am not totally sure if they are the effective position to write but they seem the only position which considerably vary according to the change of fans speed


For the sake of precision, I used the fan dust removal tool in the lenovo optimizer app to see how the fans speed changes and I assumed that the maximum speed is equal to the one produced by this tool. I have to mention here other three aspects:
1. I have used as maximum the maximum value observed
2. Without using NBFC the system never reaches this maximum speed because it is really very noisy. In normal condition the maximum speed is about 2/3 (still noisy for me) of the one reached when dust removal tool is used.
3. The speed you have when dust removal is working is not the maximum possible one in reality. In the case you update the BIOS you can "appreciate" a noisy never heard before on the fans (but the PC is in DOS mode, so I could not measured it...for this reason I did not consider it)


Ok, now it is time to post the configuration, but before that...


1. I played a bit with the temperatures thresholds and fans speeds to force the fans to work at about the half of their speed (value which I consider acceptable in terms of noise). WE ARE NOT ABLE TO CONTROL THE FANS SPEED because the EC updates continuously the target value where we will write the desired speed. So reducing the EC poll interval at 500 ms, with this configuration I am continuously forcing the target value to stay at the desired one.
2. The response time of the fans is not quick, so with this configuration the fans barely start to run (you have to stay at high CPU temp. a lot to notice the fans starting running)
3. Play with the fans speeds and temperature thresholds according to your needs!!! E.g. if you want to fans constantly running at a fixed speed insert the speed % you desire even at the lowest CPU temp. ranges and you can notice the fans constantly running.
4. I think the system is not able to use the fans at each speeds we want but there are only some fans speeds which can be accepted. Here I am indicating someones in terms of %: 0%→40.3%→45.8%→52.8%→66.7% (you can deduce the decimal value considering that 0% is 0 and 100% is 72....and of course from these you can calculate the hex values). Just to be clear, for me 52.8% starts to be noisy.


Ok, now enjoy the code!


Lenovo Yoga 3 1470 - Fans Control code for NBFC


(I am actually checking if this configuration causes the turbo boost disabling due to high temperature peaks over 75°C the user sometimes can reach...I'll let you know) 

Fanfold Paper
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Re: Lenovo Yoga 3 - 1470 (80JH) - General issues to solve



I bought my laptop Lenovo Yoga 3 - 1470 (80JH) On January ths year, and after a while I was experiencing problems with the touchpad, I researched and then installing the software was giving me the solutions, then after doing this for a while the problem came back constantly. Then What I did was to install to a previous point and then the solution was there, but it kept giving me the same problem.


Today SOmetime the touchpad works sporadically, very little usage because it crashes down. Does not work.... SOmetimes it gives me a blue screen with a kernel problem and I look it up in the net and it was realated to a problem with my touchpad.


Can you please help?  Thanks 

Fanfold Paper
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Re: Lenovo Yoga 3 - 1470 (80JH) - General issues to solve

the only problem I had with touchpad was related to the right click using 2 fingers. I solved it using a correction in the Windows Registry.
Your problem could be related to the hardware, so probably you have to send your laptop back using your guarantee.
However before doing that
- remove the touchpad software
- in Device Manager uninstall the Lenovo pointing device drivers (so, you will be sure to have removed everything)
- then download the synaptics software from Lenovo website and install it
- be sure that after installation you will have the recognized lenovo pointing device in the device manager and you have the updated drivers installed
- then use your laptop and monitor it if it still has issues.
- the last thing you can do is to play with the options in the lenovo pointing device settings to see if disabling/enabling some options you will have your touchpad working correctly

This is what I would do if I had this kind of issues. You can try to better look at other forums if you will not find your solution.

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