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Lenovo Yoga 3 Pro - 1370 - Touchscreen / CPU & RAM Utilisation

Hi All,


So I've had this aesthetically pleasing yoga 3 pro for about a month with the purpose for it to be used as a Uni Laptop.  However I've come across a few issues that I am hoping I can get some help with. 

Firstly, I've lost all ability to use the touchscreen. Windows Device Managers is seeing it, but I have no way to enable/disable or test. Is there something I am missing?


Secodly, through basic use I am finding the CPU and RAM usage well in excess of 80% for a lot of the time, with the system coming to a near grinding halt if I have approximately a dozen chrome tabs open, a couple of office docs and youtube or spotify running....this is a little worrying.


Specification wise the laptop should be able to run the with very little hassle. Any help will be greatly appreciated.

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