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What's DOS?
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Lenovo Yoga 3 sometimes won't turn on

Hey Guys,


I picked up a Yoga 3 just before xmas and its been running well until just recently. I have noticed that if I shut the machine down and then return to it later it will often not turn back on. Pressing the power button will cause the keyboard to light up but nothing else. After a random amount of time and attempts it will turn on. Whilst trying the light on the power button will remain on.


I have contacted online support and they want me to post the laptop to Germany for them to take a look but this wil leave me without my work computer for some time.


This problem is also random in that it doesnt always happen. I worry they will try a few times and not be able to reproduce the issue and post it back.


Any one any idea of what it might be? I searced the forum and found similar stories but no real advice as to what it might be or a fix.


I have updated the BIOS, which didnt seem to help. 


Thanks guys

What's DOS?
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Re: Lenovo Yoga 3 sometimes won't turn on

I routinely have the same issue.  What I have done is hold the power button ON for about 30 seconds. Then try to restart.  It succeeds sometimes, but boy, is this a frustrating problem.

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