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Lenovo Yoga 510-14AST Laptop (ideapad) - Type 80S9 - Model 80S9000MIX very very slow

Hi all,


on June 2017 (around 3 months and half ago) I bought a Lenovo Yoga 510-14AST Laptop (ideapad) - Type 80S9 - Model 80S9000MIX.

I immediately saw a huge slowness but I didn't have a good chance to deep dive the issue.

In the last couple of weeks I investigated and found that when launching any of the installed applications (even just the browsers MS Edge or Chrome) the CPU and Hard Disk reach immediately 100% of occupation from Task Manager.

I asked to the Lenovo Support guys and they suggested me to try One Key Recovery.

I did it and unfortunately it didn't solve.

Now the Laptop is reset with factory defaults but even just launching "Lenovo Companion" app cause cpu and hd to move quickly to 100%.

The laptop is completely unusable and I'm quite disappointed because the performances are so poor like a Netbook with Intel Atom cpu.

I contacted again Lenovo and they told me to send it for technical assistance.

I will do it but I would ask if someone that has bought the same model experienced the same.

My idea is to ask a replacement with another Lenovo model more performant (paying the difference if needed).

Do you think it would a reasonable request?

Thanks a lot for al your collaboration

Best regards



What's DOS?
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Re: Lenovo Yoga 510-14AST Laptop (ideapad) - Type 80S9 - Model 80S9000MIX very very slow

Can confirm. Just bought this laptop 2 days ago. In windows CPU usage would be at full when idle and Linux is on a whole new level. Most distros would freeze up and kernel panic and the new Ubuntu 17.xx would crash the BIOS. And the worst part is I cant send it back as the store I bought it from apparently doesnt cater to indesive buyers. Worst purchase ever. An old £100 Thinkpad x200 would've been miles better. Maybe Lenovo has a fix? Honestly I just think its the AMD apu. Who knows?



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