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Lenovo Yoga 510-14AST & Lenovo Active Pen

Santa delivered a Lenovo 510-AST looks great, santa’s Elves at the store said that a Lenovo Active Pen 1 GX80K32884 would work with it.....


The laptop seems great, the usual mega GB of updates from windows, and setting Gmail up with outlook was like code breaking the CIA !!!


The the pen, how can Lenovo not have instructions on how to turn it on ??????  I don’t know if its on or not, doesn’t appear in the Bluetooth device list on the laptop...


So is this Active Pen computable with this laptop ?

If it is, how the chuff do you turn it on ?


If not compatible, what Other active pens are comparable ?


frustrated... grrrrrrr

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Re: Lenovo Yoga 510-14AST & Lenovo Active Pen

Hi AmyJ, welcome to the forums.


I'm not complete updated on this subject. Checking other thread it says that the Yoga 510-14IKB (Similar but not the same) does not has a Wacom digitizer (which supports active pen) but a passive digitizer. It seems to me that the "Lenovo Active Pen" is based in Wacom technology.


I can not find the Yoga  510-14AST on the PSREF site that will provide me the full  detail to know if capacity pen is supported or not.


Maybe someone with more knowledge on this area can help us here.



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Re: Lenovo Yoga 510-14AST & Lenovo Active Pen

I have the same problem, before buying I asked about compatibility on Lenovo site & was told it “should” work. I think the pen appears briefly in Bluetooth setup in windows but can’t connect. No way to tell if it’s working or not ☹️


Have tried a capacitive pen i pen I have but no good either - the only thing that works is a finger. Very disappointing would really like to get this working for my daughter. 

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