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Have a problem with what might be ghost touches on the touch screen.


When playing fullscreen movies it sometimes randomly pauses and / or resumes as if someone touched the screen (or pressed space). Not always, just sometimes. I have found no pattern. Not tied to a specific application as far as I can tell.


Also, once the display went bananas with crazy ghost touches everywhere all over the screen when i switched to tablet mode. The keyboard had stopped working as well, and I was forced to reboot for it to stop clicking everywhere. 

Video of how it was like:



Since installing the firmware update for the panel, I have yet to experience any more problems with it. It does indeed seem to be working.


People who are experiencing the problem now should install the following firmware update;

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i had an issue with the ghost circles on my yoga 700 14 and changed some pointer setting and it stopped.  I forget that setting, but i think it was under mouse settings.  Cant say it fixed it, but i havent seen the crazy ghost circles.  I still have the mouse pointer movement and pages opening issue though. So many issues.


I've found a couple of places that suggest this, but I have a Yoga 2, which does not have a LG screen. Would this same firmware work? Or is there something else I could try??


I have a Yoga 700 14ISK, and am experiencing this ghost touching problem too.  I followed the instructions from the first post, but in checking the monitor the properties show generic, not LG.  The instrutions state that the firmware update only applies to LG monitors and should not be installed on other monitors.  Is there a fix for monitors other than LG?


Since one month I suffer from a ghost touch problem on my Lenova U410-touch.  My laptop is completely unpredictable sometimes it works, however, most of the times I cannot use it at all. Anyone aware of this problem and any solution for this? Thanks in advance


I have a Yoga 710 and im also having ghost touch issues. i dont use an LG screen and i have updated all drivers. done a factory reset and im still having the same issue with Ghost Touches. if anyone finds a solution please let me know.


 As I have a Yoga 2, I don't know if it will help you, but I found my phantom touches went away when I stopped using my computer when it was charging, literally only using it when it was unplugged. Seems like the phantom touchese were a result of being overcharged? Not sure of the details, but now I always let the battery wear itself down to 10% warning, then plug it in no more than overnight... and I've had no more difficulties. 


Hope this helps someone else!


My Yoga 700 is 3 months old and has all those crazy ghost circles. It causes the mouse to open and close everything. I cant do a thing with it and at the moment it wont even let me log in. How would I know if I have an LG or FW screen? I'm away from home on business and can't use the laptop for anything. So frustrating.


I had a problem with an annoying rattle from one of the speakers on my new Yoga 730. After removing the rear cover I noticed two tiny magnetic metal shards clinging to the speaker material. After carefully removing them and testing the sound again, the rattle had completely disappeared.