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Lenovo Yoga 700-14ISK Mathematical Operations Test Failure Solution!Intel HD 520 Graphics Card

Hey all,


I have seen this issue crop up in quite a few places but I have unfortunately never come across a solution which solved my issue. After having my laptop for just over 6 months I finally decided enough is enough and collected information from around to internet to try and solve my issue. The reason I decided to pesued this is that I work for a games company in the tech department and their games runs on laptops over 10 years old with specs that make the Yoga 700 look like a super computer. 


What issue?


Running the lenovo solutions centre hardware checker on and Lenovo Yoga 700-14ISK will fail on the mathematical operations test.


Why is this an issue?


For normal use, this is not much of a problem, I have seen reports of other users black screening persistently but I have never personally experienced this issue. It's mostly an issue if you play games with graphical post processing such as ambient occlusion or anti aliasing. You will most certainly black screen a lot. 




if you're like me, you have tried to install all the graphics drivers under the sun with no prevail. Every time you check your graphics drivers' dates they insist they are up to date with the latest driver from the 18th of December 2015. We all know this is not the case. This is windows 10's handy dandy "KEEP EVERYTHING UP TO DATE AND STABLE" feature, which unfortunately is a double edged sword. 




1. You have probably just accepted your fate and not tried to update your drivers in 6 months, so you'll need new drivers. Download the latest drivers from Intel or Lenovo either should work (I'm currently using intels' as I like new shiny things). Note: get the non-beta drivers from intel as they are known to be slightly dogey. 


2. Once you have these downloaded, install them as much as you can (they should be placed in C:\drivers\Intel Graphics Driver\Graphics) if you downloaded the zip file from intel, just extract it in a folder you can easily find using 7zip, Winrar or any other decompression software. 


3. Once this is done, locate your graphics card in system in device manager (Press the windows key and type "device manager". Once this is open, drop down from display adapters, right-click your graphics card and select update driver software. Now select browse my computer, If you downloaded the Lenovo drivers you will find them at C:\drivers\Intel Graphics Driver\Graphics just select this and press next. If you downloaded intel drivers, find them on your computer, select the file "Graphics" and click next. Once this has finished installing (if it doesn't see section 3.1) reboot your laptop. 


3.1. (Do not do this step if drivers installed correctly) Uninstall your drivers and reboot your laptop then repeat step 3.


4. Open display adapters again and select properties then select driver take note of what date is on your graphics driver if it still does not say 2016, never fear! While still in the driver menu select "Roll Back Driver". This should tell windows to not try and use recommended drivers and your issue should disappear, just like the hours I have spent trying to solve this ridiculous windows 10 "feature"


4.1. You could also disable the windows feature but 9/10 it works great, so I wouldn't recommend it.


Hope this helps. 





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