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Lenovo Yoga 700 710 720 900 broken hinge cracked screen glass

The symptoms:

One day when you've opened or closed the lid as you would with normal use, you here a pop and notice that the screen has separated from the lid body in one of the corners near the hinge (the screen glass may or may develop a crack a that point). If you chose to do nothing though, this problem will only get worse and, eventually, the screen glass will crack


The problem:

The root cause of the problem is the use of glue/adhesive applied by the manufacturer to keep hinge assembly attached to lid body. After a while the glue fails to hold the hinge in place and it separates from the lid. When that happens (with a pop), the hinge mounting plate (made of steel) is now moving freely between the screen and the lid so when you try to move the lid, it's pushing against the back of the screen causing screen glass to bend outward.


This applies to ALL Lenovo Yoga series notebooks as their hinge design is the same and Lenovo is aware of it... but choses to do nothing.



Given that Lenovo designed this hinge and chose the materials and methods to assemble it, you would think that it would take the responsibility for it failing to last passed warranty. Unfortunately, no such luck. When you call support, you get nothing but denial and blame for mishandling their state-of-the-art product and causing it to fail. So you end up with a total disappointment on your hands and a bitter taste of unfairness.



The hinge can be repaired in a number of ways with common tools and materials. Here is how I did it:

- Remove the screen (find instructions online)

- Clean hinge plate and lid body (remove all traces of manufacturer applied adhesive; remove all traces of oil/grease)

- Roughen both surfaces with emery cloth

- Apply a liberal amount of metal-to-metal type adhesive - I used JB Weld epoxy 

- Wait 24 hours and reassemble the screen

I know I am using the same methods used by the manufacturing but hopefully the result will be a better bond and a longer life of the hinges.  


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