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Blue Screen Again
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Lenovo Yoga 700 TouchPad not working

The cursor / touchpad on my yoga 700 has stopped working. The cursor came and went for a couple days but starting this afternoon, has gone full time MIA.  I have tried a bunch of stuff to try to get it to work, listed below. Called lenovo tech support and they wanted me to mail it in for troubleshooting but it is my work computer and I can't have it gone for who knows how long.  

Anyone have any other ideas? Thank you very much


I have taken the following troubleshooting actions:

Restarted multiple times

Swapped between cpunters and tablet mode

Press f6 to enable/disable TouchPad

Updated Synaptics drivers and restart 

Deleted driver and reinstalled and restarted 

Tried the ctrl+alt+del trick to be cursor back

Tried using TouchPad at login screen, no joy.


All of these were unsuccessful.   Please help!!!

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Re: Lenovo Yoga 700 TouchPad not working

Welcome Bestflbroker 

1. You may want to do a factory reset as a last resort before sending in your machine to the Service Centre.


2. If problem persist after a factory reset, you may want to contact the nearest Authorized Lenovo Service Provider for further diagnostics and repair.

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Re: Lenovo Yoga 700 TouchPad not working

Hi, i'm stuck since Two days with Windows Update Fall creator Update.

Did you find a solution at last ? i don't know what todo i tried everything i could.

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Re: Lenovo Yoga 700 TouchPad not working

Member ThangTNguyen give me the solution :
Hi Jinlab - Just run the laptop (for example play movies) to drain the battery COMPLETELY dead until the laptop shut off.  Press the power on/off button to make sure the laptop could not turn on because battery drained...  then plug in the charger to recharge, the keyboard should now work... It worked for me twice already..

This solution also worked for me

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Re: Lenovo Yoga 700 TouchPad not working

If that fails, and you're comfortable working inside of a computer, you could disassemble and look for the ribbon cable attaching the touchpad to the mobo. Disconnect and reconnect (following all the usual working-inside-of-your-computer precautions). If it's still in warranty, however, I'd just send it in. If that means picking up a refurb or hitting pawn shops for a second laptop, at least you'll always have a backup.  I've always had two: the latest-greatest for a main, and a cheapie for a backup (which spends its unneeded days as the wife's computer).

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Re: Lenovo Yoga 700 TouchPad not working

The solution is ok,

Empty the battery, pressing on button to drain last energy and be sure that the battery is really really empty.

Then branch the adaptator and start just simply work.


In device Manager i have :

Standard PS/2 keyboard AND Device Keyboard PIH

Mouse Lenovo pointing Device AND Mouse HID


Device Keyboard PIH and Mouse HID are the new device that have appears.

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