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Paper Tape
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Lenovo Yoga 710-15IKB Touchpad Settings? Two-finger gestures?

After I had warranty repair service, my touchpad is not working normally.

The symtom is same with the below forums.


But, the forum's solutions are not helpful to me.


Actually, all fuctions were working alright before I sent my laptop to the Lenovo repair center.


The touchpad gesture setting program, which is Synaptics Control Panel, is not openned, and my touchpad is indicated as PS/2 mouse port. 

Additionally, touchpad enable/disable key is not working (Fn + F6), and touchpad is alive when the laptop is in tablet mode. 


Would you help me to solve this problem, please?



Support Specialist
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Re: Lenovo Yoga 710-15IKB Touchpad Settings? Two-finger gestures?

Hello Jwb1988

Thanks for using the Lenovo forums.

I would recommend that you get back in touch with the Lenovo support line, as it seems that something was not repaired correctly, so it would be best to relay this information back to the repair team and inform them that this happened after the repair.


Hope this helps, let us know how you get on.

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Paper Tape
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Re: Lenovo Yoga 710-15IKB Touchpad Settings? Two-finger gestures?

I have talked with them.

Unfortunately, my warranty period is over, so they recommend me to take my laptop to Geek Squad at BestBuy..

Paper Tape
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Re: Lenovo Yoga 710-15IKB Touchpad Settings? Two-finger gestures?

Hi If anyone has a solution that would be great. I've talked to lenovo for weeks now about this issue and they haven't been able to solve the touch pad issue.  I've had 3 different lenovo technicians here and each replaced my touch pad and other parts, and each one said, that the touch pad provided by lenovo as the replacement is not the same as the original and thus the driver will not work.    My orgininal touch pad stopped working in June of last year and lenovo replaced it with a new one, but the new replacement would not work with the driver on my computer,  or the driver lenovo says to download from their site, so lenovo told me that the replacement touch pad was an older version and they had to install a older driver on my computer to get it to work,  and they did and it worked as it should for a while,  all the gestures, palm check, etc,  but lenovo told me that I shouldn't update windows anymore as that might cause it to not work, so I should turn off windows update.  I told lenovo that wasn't and acceptible solution, that my computer needed to be secure, and I'd let them know if it stopped working.  Well, recently my touch pad stopped working again.  Since then lenovo has replaced my current touch pad three times in the last few weeks and when they try to install the driver, the computer says that the touch pad they used to replace the original isn't a Elan precision touchpad, and thus the driver will not work on it.  When installing the driver, the system notes "Driver not needed, no touchpad present"  and then it loads a generic driver which does not work properly or have  the gestures, etc.   So lenovo decided it was my mother board that was the problem, and replaced that, but as it turns out that it isn't my motherboard, so they sent another  lenovo tech who installed another touch pad and it still does not work as it should because the driver is not correct for the replacement touch pad, because it appears that the touch pad they used to replace the original with is an out of date model that they cannot obtain a driver for so it will not work properly.   So finally after 4 touch pad replacements, lenovo now thinks maybe there is a driver issue.   Lenovo suggested that I just wait to see if a new driver comes out for the touch pad and I deal with it in the mean time.  Turning off windows update and or waiting just hoping for a driver that works, isn't a good solution.  One would think, given all the people with this problem Lenovo would have figured it out by now and either produced a driver that works with the old touchpad  they use as a replacments, or start replacing the orgininal touchpad with a touchpad that is exactly like the original and works with their drivers.    Essentially, the driver downloaded from the lenovo site will not run the touch pad they keep installing.  Lenovo says well it's the same part number, but apparently, two different parts can have the same number.   Just because a part has the same number and looks the same does not mean it has the same brain apparently.   At some point lenovo needs to realize that the drivers on their site, will not work with the touchpad they use as replacements on the yoga.   I'd love it if there was a simple solution to this, if someone knows, please let me know, maybe lenovo will figure out one, it is very difficult to use the computer with this problem.   One would not believe how long it took to type this with the cursor jumping around and moving erratically.     

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