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Paper Tape
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Lenovo Yoga 720-12IKB touchscreen and pen not working


After months without trouble, one day, when I powered up my laptop, my touchscreen was acting weird, wouldn't let me enter my pin to log in, was like constantly clicking somewhere else, and touchpad was also not responding. After two restarts, there was nothing weird and touchpad was working fine, but the touchscreen wouldn't respond to touch, nor the pen. At this point, several restarts didn't make it work again. After installing a big windows update, the next restart made the touchscreen work just fine, but the pen was still not working. I shut down my laptop and, when I power it up the next time, the touchscreen is not working again. Now, my laptop is fully updated both on Windows Update and Lenovo Vantage, but the touchscreen and the pen are not working.


Things I have tried without success:

-Restarting several times.

-Still not working in safe mode

-Uninstalling all windows updates, testing it, and installing them all again.

-Disabling and uninstalling the touchscreen and pen devices on Device Manager, and restarting so windows installs them again automatically.

-Searching in google for a solution.


My laptop still has warranty, but I'd hate to have it substituted for another for a software-related problem. Also, I do have a system image from many months ago that I could use to restore the system, but I'd prefer not to lose my current state if possible, but, of course, getting my touchscreen back has priority.


I couldn't find anything clear on the many posts with similar problems I've found. It seems that many people have had it, and there's even a subreddit for it. For what I understand, the community thinks it is an incompatibility with Windows Updates and the touchscreen driver, but I had no luck when I uninstalled those updates nor the touchscreen driver. Also, some people seem to have had this problem from as back as 2017 in inconsistent time periods and it is unclear which exact update or what seems to be causing it, which makes it even more confusing.


Please tell me what else can I do before resorting to a system restore, as I would lose many useful stuff if I had to do that.


Thanks in advance.


Edit: Just tested it in safe mode, but touchscreen and pen were still not working.

Edit2: Now the touchscreen is suddenly working!!! I haven't done anything, not even restarted the computer. I just touched the screen (old habits) and it worked just fine (!!!???). I have tried the pen but it's still not working. **bleep** is going on??

Paper Tape
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Re: Lenovo Yoga 720-12IKB touchscreen and pen not working

Update post.


As I stated in my last edit of the first post, the touchscreen suddenly just started working again. A day after, today, I was using it normally when suddenly appeared two marks plus a third blinking mark on the screen. I'm refering to the translucid circular marks that appear when you touch the screen, but I wasn't touching it, and it was severly disturbing the normal usage of the computer because the screen zoomed in and wouldn't stop moving. Shortly after, I closed down the screen (or lid, not sure how to say in english), and when I opened it up again the ghost touches had disappeared, but the touchscreen wasn't working at all.


Previously I was quite sure that it was software-related, but now I'm not so sure. Today it's a specially humid day, maybe the humidity is affecting the hardware. Just as I was writing this, the touchscreen started working again. Maybe it's just faulty hardware after all.


If you have any ideas about what's happening, or you think I'm right and it looks hardware-related, please tell me. I'm considering sending it to get it substituted because the warranty is still valid.

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Re: Lenovo Yoga 720-12IKB touchscreen and pen not working

Hi Javiervs


Greetings from Lenovo.


As you have mentioned about the mark on the screen, try to reinstall the drivers and check if it disappears, also boot into safe mode and check.

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