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Paper Tape
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Lenovo Yoga 720 13IKB No longer charging

Hello everyone, 


I recently purchased a Lenovo Yoga 720 13IKB. I've only have the unit for about three (3) weeks and the batter is no longer able to charge when connected to the power supply that came with the unit. I checked the AC adapter to make sure that it was properly connected to PC and it was. I plugged it to different outlets and it didn't help. I bought a replacement powersupply from my local MicroCenter and still nothing. I checked the Control Panel, open up the Power Options to see if there were any settings in there but nothing to show why it wasn't chraging. Then Opened the Device Manager. Under "Batteries" I saw two items, one for the battery and another listed as "Microsoft ACPI Compliant Control Method Battery". I Opened each item, which will brought up the Properties window. Under the "Driver" tab looked for "Update Driver." I went through the two options and did the same process of updating drivers. I went through the driver update process for all options. Once the drivers are all up to date, I rebooted the laptop and plug it in again. Then i unninstalled "Microsoft ACPI Compliant Control Method Battery" completely and reboot. Still the problem persists.  I even updated all the windows Updates. Then I opened Lenovo's Companion app. I updated all the drivers that need updating and nothing changed. I still have my PC connected to AC power and the battery isn't charging. I opened the lenovo setting app and checked under battery sectiong and the Conservation mode is off and the battery stretch is off as well. According to Main Battery Condition status is Good. 


I have contacted customer support and I've been waiting now on hold to speak to someone for one (1) hour. Can anyone else make any suggestiongs? 

Bit Torrent
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Re: Lenovo Yoga 720 13IKB No longer charging

Is it not charging at all, or just stuck at around 60%.    I ask because there i an option in Energy Management to select Maximum Battery Life, or Optimized Battery Health, and if set the latter (which I believe is the default), it will only charge to about 60 percent of capacity in an attempt to prolong the life of the battery.    Setting it to Maximum battery life will allow the batter to charge to 100% and you will get a longer run time, but you may have to replace the battery sooner.    


If you leave the laptop usually plugged in, then optimized batter health is the better option.




Paper Tape
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Re: Lenovo Yoga 720 13IKB No longer charging

I am experiencing the same problem and may have found a fix. 


First, is your laptop still under warranty? I called tech support and started a support ticket for warranty service. Having gone through all the major troubleshooting steps like you did, (update drivers, adjust battery settings within Lenovo Settings, adjust battery within Windows settings, unplug, reboot, etc.) it was a very short phone call because I (like you) had done most of the work for them to get to the ticket part.


Here's what worked for me: 

  1. Make sure the laptop is plugged in to the power source. 
  2. Turn the laptop on. 
  3. Make sure brightness is turned up all the way, and run an application like Netflix or Youtube or anything that plays video because this will drain the battery a little more quickly than just having the laptop on.
  4. Unplug the power source while playing the video.
  5. Allow the battery to deplete BELOW 96% -- preferably 85-90%.
  6. Plug the charger cable back in.

For me, the laptop won't charge if the battery is at 96%, but will charge if it falls BELOW it. This is even after I adjusted power settings in Windows and Lenovo specific settings.


Let me know if this worked for you, and fingers crossed!

Paper Tape
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Re: Lenovo Yoga 720 13IKB No longer charging

Thank you both so much for your help as it appears that both of you are correct. Battery won't charge until the 80% - 90% threshold. Because of the Energy Management to select Maximum Battery Life, or Optimized Battery Health it won't let me charge it. So thank you for your help it definitely has resolved my issue. 

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