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Lenovo Yoga 720 shuts down randomly

Hallo, my name is yuval.

So here is my problem, about 5-month ago I bought a new lap top of “Lenovo yoga 720 15” 80x7” from “best buy USA” and took it back to my country outside of the continent.

When I first started to use it, it has an immediate major problem- “no charging just plugged” so whenever I unplugged it, it would show me that I have no battery and shuts down without any notice.

After struggling with the problem and trying to fixed it by myself, I gave up and sent it to Lenovo USA (I am not from the states so it costed me a 100 $ for the shipment).

They fixed it and replace the battery

About a month ago I got the laptop back from Lenovo – fixed and everything worked fine until a week ago when the laptop began to spontaneously shuts when unplugged but this time only when decreasing to 20-50 % battery.

The charging works and when the laptop is plugged it won’t shut down at all.

I tested the hardware with some of Lenovo’s software and everything looks fine I tried to use a temperature app and everything looks fine as well.

I don’t know if it is software related or HW, really hope it is the first one, I saw that maybe it related to “ME region” which I don’t know what it  is.

I will be… so! Much grateful if some can help me with this problem. I’m a fast learner and can follow instructions easily    


 Sorry Im really desperate and run out money for another shipment to the Lenovo USA.



What's DOS?
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Re: Lenovo Yoga 720 shuts down randomly

Recommend you update the firmware of your Lenovo Yoga 720.  For model 720-15IKB, you can find the March 2018 upate of the firmware for Windows 10 64-bit here: Please reply if this worked for you.

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