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Lenovo Yoga 720 shuts down randomly

Hallo, my name is yuval.

So here is my problem, about 5-month ago I bought a new lap top of “Lenovo yoga 720 15” 80x7” from “best buy USA” and took it back to my country outside of the continent.

When I first started to use it, it has an immediate major problem- “no charging just plugged” so whenever I unplugged it, it would show me that I have no battery and shuts down without any notice.

After struggling with the problem and trying to fixed it by myself, I gave up and sent it to Lenovo USA (I am not from the states so it costed me a 100 $ for the shipment).

They fixed it and replace the battery

About a month ago I got the laptop back from Lenovo – fixed and everything worked fine until a week ago when the laptop began to spontaneously shuts when unplugged but this time only when decreasing to 20-50 % battery.

The charging works and when the laptop is plugged it won’t shut down at all.

I tested the hardware with some of Lenovo’s software and everything looks fine I tried to use a temperature app and everything looks fine as well.

I don’t know if it is software related or HW, really hope it is the first one, I saw that maybe it related to “ME region” which I don’t know what it  is.

I will be… so! Much grateful if some can help me with this problem. I’m a fast learner and can follow instructions easily    


 Sorry Im really desperate and run out money for another shipment to the Lenovo USA.



What's DOS?
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Re: Lenovo Yoga 720 shuts down randomly

Recommend you update the firmware of your Lenovo Yoga 720.  For model 720-15IKB, you can find the March 2018 upate of the firmware for Windows 10 64-bit here: Please reply if this worked for you.

What's DOS?
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Re: Lenovo Yoga 720 shuts down randomly

I have a similar problem.

My Lenovo Yoga 720 13IKB suddenly shut down and I can't get it to start, there is only a black screen.

The light in the Start button comes on for about 5 seconds when I press it but the screen backlighting does not come on. The power indicator light next to the power supply cable is lit when the power cable is plugged in.

I've tried various combinations of pressing the Start button and I've tried pressing the Reset button. Still no response, just a black screen.

I unplugged the power supply and removed the battery and pressed the Start button for 30 seconds. Then I reinstalled the battery and no response with or without the power supply connected. The battery was fully charged and in good condition when the computer shut down.

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