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Lenovo Yoga 730 15 Brightness Up Key Not Working And Gaming Issue

So I got this laptop about two weeks ago with the intention of using it for school as well as gaming as it is advertised with a 1050 along with good specs. First of all gaming does not work at all. For Overwatch which according to this computer's specs, it should run it perfectly, it absolutely cannot run it. I will have the game at its lowest settings and at first the game will run over 100 fps for about 30 seconds to 1 min and then all of a sudden the frames will drop to 30 or less. Sometimes it hovers around 10 and stays like that. Then the computer gets really hot. REALLY HOT. Im talking 70 C and up. Ive tried every way to get the computer to focus performance, ive set the settings to use the nvidia card over the intel card, and its also plugged in charging. I was so close to returning this but in the end I figured its for school. If anyone has a solution for this, I would greatly appreciate it. 


Now onto the other issue related to the brightness key not working. I have not done anything to the system in terms of changing any drastic driver settings. Today after waking my computer up from sleep mode normally, I went to hit the f12 key which is brightness up to turn up the brightness as I left it low the last time I used it. But the key didnt work. I tried going down with f11 and back up but I could only lower the brightness and not increase it. I tried lowering it all the way but it ends up turning off the screen if you lower it to the lowest brightness. If youve realized by now, Im screwed, my brightness up does not work so now I have a black screen with no way of seeing anything. I tried hitting the power button once just to essentially put the thing to sleep and wake it back up and still have this issue. Then I had to hard restart by completely powering it off, waiting a bit, then turning the thing back on. Still the f12 key does not turn up the brightness. Ever since I got this out of the box, i can hit f11 and f12 by itself without the Fn key to turn up the brightness or lower it. I tried holding fn in case the settings got changed but still I cannot increase the brightness. So now the only way for me to turn up the brightness is to go to the windows settings to drag the slider up. This is super inconvinient and I now have a falsley advertised gaming capable computer and a computer with a broken brightness key. Horray!


EDIT: So literally right after I submitted this post, I just went to try to see if my f12 key itself was broken or just the function to turn up the brightness was broken and what happened, the f12 now increases brightness. **bleep**! So I spent the whole post talking about it and now it wants to work. Im not lying, it was not working before and even after a restart. Something is up with the software on this machine and its pretty annoying.

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