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Blue Screen Again
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Lenovo Yoga 730 15” Buzzing Sound When Laptop is Off and Powered Speakers are plugged and On.



History Report: Lenovo Yoga 730 15”


Serial Number: 

Machine Type Model: 81CU000SUS


- [x] Original Problem: Buzzing sound when Yoga 730 15” is off and power speakers are on and plugged at laptop; laptop has a aluminum frame and buzzing sound get worst to the touch.

- [x] Initial encounter to the problem, I contancted the speakers manufacturer (Logitech); since they were brand new and under warranty, They decided to ship free of charge another identical set of power speakers (Logitech Z625). Problem not resolved. I test both set of speakers and plugged them to my HDTV, iPhone SE, HP Pavilion DV6 7014nr Laptop, etc and no buzzing sound. Set of Speaker system both performed as manufacturer specifications.


- [x] 8013520649 Service Ticket Created Contacted Lenovo Technjcal Support.

- [x] Aug 13 2019 Ticket Number: 7028298953

        Machine was sent to depot for repair and was sent back to me on Sep 04 2019 on same condition. They mistakenly diagnosed the system and performed disk format as a resolution to the current problem. 

- [x] Sep 06 2019 Ticket Number: 7009591401

       I was offer a 1 time on site service in order to take care of the current problem.

- [x] Sep 09 2019 technician from Worldwide Tech Services came over to my house and open up the package that contained the replacement motherboard and he was not able to repair the system due to system motherboard damaged. Also, we notice that the part was not new due to the condition which was sent over and the way it looked to both of us. 

       Technician contacted Lenovo technical support and schedule a replacement part to get send over to them again.

- [x] Sep 11 2019 Contacted Lenovo Technical Support in order to speak with a supervisor and she refuse to speak with me so the technical support representative offer me to escalate this issue with their managers in order to get a refund on my product. She asked me to wait 3 business days (by Sep 16 2019) and I should ether receive a email or phone call.

- [x] I was contacted by mail and phone on Sep 16 2019 by Ashley from Lenovo at Morrisville, NC., and she open a case number 04067030. She recommend me to send the laptop along with the speaker system in order for the engineers to properly diagnose.  

- [x] I sent the unit along with the speakers same day I just received the shipping labels.

- [x] They received the system along with the speakers on September 18 2019

- [x] On Sep 20, Sep 23 and Sep 24, I tried to stablish communication with my case manager in order to get status update on my case but three failed attempts via e-mail and two failed attempts over the phone and voice message throw no response back from her. It wasn’t until September 25th when I decided to insist all morning to get in touch with her to get updates on my case. Finally, She contacted me via telephone and email and apologized for the delay. So all this time wasted they finally got a resolution although the final desition did not really encourage me. She said that the engineer that inspected the system blamed on the third party company saying that the speaker system was the one producing the buzzing sound and he recommended me the following manual solution: “So the proper way to connect it is to make sure the powered speakers are powered off first then connect the device and said that there was nothing wrong with the laptop so they just shipped the laptop and the speaker system back to me” on September 27 2019. They just washed their hands and blamed on Logitech.

- [x] I will never recommend or buy Lenovo products at all. By the way, network card connectivity issues as well, connections drops every certain amount of time after been connected to the wireless network. My other HP laptop doesn’t have any issues at all and it’s been 7 years since I bought it new.






8/13/2019, 10:30:33 PM

A service ticket has been created on your behalf on 2019-08-13. The ticket number for your current service incident is 7028298953


*                      8/13/2019, 10:36:12 PM

Waiting for system to be shipped to the Lenovo Service Center

*                      8/21/2019, 4:30:14 PM

Your machine was collected on 2019-08-14 and is now in transit to Lenovo ServiceCenter

*                      8/27/2019, 12:09:25 PM

Your machine arrived at the Lenovo Service Center on 2019-08-27

*                      8/28/2019, 5:18:25 PM

GREAT NEWS!!! We have successfully repaired your machine! After a final quality check and cleaning we will ship your machine back to you.

*                      8/29/2019, 8:15:31 AM

Machine is shipped out from Lenovo Service Center on 2019-08-29 and in transit to your location. Tracking # 111224342810

*                      8/29/2019, 10:17:00 AM

Service ticket closed on 2019-08-27


*                      Service Order

*                      Status
Service ticket closed

*                      Projected Service Completion




*                      9/6/2019, 9:34:36 AM

A service ticket has been created on your behalf on 2019-09-06. The ticket number for your current service incident is 7009591401

*                      9/6/2019, 9:03:17 PM

The necessary service parts are in transit to the local On-Site service provider. The Service engineer assigned to your case will contact you in 4 to 6 business days to schedule your On-Site appointment.

*                      9/9/2019, 12:06:20 PM

The necessary service parts have been delivered to the local On-Site service provider. The service engineer assigned to your case will contact you shortly to confirm the On-Site appointment.

*                      9/9/2019, 5:12:03 PM

Service ticket closed on 2019-09-09


 In conclusion, it's been my worst nightmare and the worst Customer Service, Technical Support, Escalation Department experience ever with a none happy ending. 


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