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Re:Lenovo Yoga 730 - battery discharging quickly problem

2020-09-01, 15:03 PM

@ CormacOM wrote:


Hello! I bought this Lenovo yoga 730 at Best Buy a year ago with 8th gen core I5, nothing fancy. The employee advised me that the battery life on this laptop was up to 11 hours on a single charge. It has come to my attention that this isn't the case. Surprised and amazed, I bought it. 850 dollars gone. A year goes by, I'm doing schoolwork with a fully charged battery, and it says I only have 3 hours left, and I am an hour into my day. I ignore it because of my experience with an computer and bad batteries in general, and I continue doing work. Come school, I finally realize that it wasn't the case.

For the money I paid, I expected at least 9 hours of battery life, and upon viewing Lenovo yoga 730 forums concerning battery discharge issues, it would appear that there is a known problem, and it is not just my computer. I have attempted to contact Lenovo customer service, but I have gotten no response. I am 2 weeks into my school year, and I need a functioning computer. Please help.

Sincerely, Cormac O'M


The picture attached is the battery life right off of the charger




Welcome to the Community


First thing I notice from the picture is that your cloud account is syncing, which eats some battery. Advertised battery life is tough to reach under real-life circumstances, but there are things you can do to lengthen what you're getting. 

  • Disable programs from running in the background. Cloud sync, virus scanners, automatic app updates and what-have-you.
  • Don't need Bluetooth in the classroom? Turn it off
  • Limit the number of browser tabs you have open.
  • Back down the brightness of the screen as far as you handle it
  • Check your startup programs for unnecessary things that might keep running, such as program updaters or "helpers."
  • Use Task Manager to see what's consuming resources unnecessarily causing the computers fans to run.


I get about 3-4 hours out of my 910 without making any adjustments. If I KNOW I'm going to be a long time between charges, I can push it to 6-7. Quite a bit of difference.



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Re:Lenovo Yoga 730 - battery discharging quickly problem

2020-11-14, 10:52 AM

I had a long journey reducing system consumption to meet the 10 h of battery life claim.

This guide really helped a lot:




the most important things:

  • turn every windows background task that you dont need off
  • undervolt your CPU
  • make sure your SSD is able to get into sleep states
  • make sure your GTX 1050 is only active if you want her to be. For maximun battery life you want to use the integrated UHD 620.


Tools like HWInfo or ThrottleStop are invaluable for getting an idea of what is going on inside your PC.


One easy way to check whether the GTX 1050 is draining your battery is to go into BIOS and switch her off. In BIOS you can choose between "switchable graphics" and "UMA grahpics" or something like that. Choose UMA Graphics to disable the GTX 1050. To enter the bios restart the PC and than hit F2 repeatedly. 

If your battery life is now much better, the GTX 1050 was part of the problem, constantly pulling energy. Simply disabling the GTX1050 in the device manager, may not be enough. Also be aware of some characeristics if you undervolt the 1050 too: I had several undervolts where the 1050 would stay at the target frequency and not go back to idle, constantly using energy. But now I found the right undervolt.

At last I have collected some data from my Yoga, to show whats possible to achieve:

I have the Yoga 730 15" with 1080p display, 8 GB RAM, i5-8250U, the GTX1050. In BIOS, both GPU are enabled.

I´m a student. If I use the Yoga on battery usually I use:

  • OneNote (with the Lenovo Active Pen)
  • Word
  • reading a PDF
  • reading stuff on the internet.

During these activities theres a great amount of time, where the system goes into idle. Wifi is always on and OneDrive is constantly syncing. I found that with wifi off and no syncing there is only a small improvement in battery life. 


I also do play some World of Warships. The dual channel RAM showed next to no improvement during gaming. It seems the CPU has enough bandwidth for this task. Because of the lower power draw + 8 GB is perfectly enough for me, I stayed with  8 GB. 

I tried to collect some data on what part uses what Power.

part P/WP/W
  idledescribed light avtivites on battery
CPU i5-8250U (with 100 mV undervolt)0.6 - 0.81 - 5 (mostly around 1-2 W)
DRAM 8 GBsingle channel 8 GB (soldered)0.35 0.5
DRAM  16 GBdual channel 8 GB (soldered) (8GB socket)0.8 
Display100 % brightness~2~2 
 50 % brightness~ 0.5 ~ 0.5
Wifivery very rough estimate< 0,5< 0,5
MoBo ??
Total System  <5 W
   50 Wh / <5 W = 10 h +

Edit: keybaord LEDs and plugged in devices (like mice) can really hurt battery life.


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Re:Lenovo Yoga 730 - battery discharging quickly problem

2020-12-05, 6:28 AM

i am facing a severe battery draining issue within a week of purchase of new lenovo yoga slim 7i. whereas it is said that it's battery life is upto11 hrs while i am getting only 4-4.30 hrs of usage after full battery charging. highly dissatisfied with this.

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