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Lenovo Yoga 7700-11ISK - Screen Flickering - Extreme Disappointment

December of 2016 I purchased a Lenovo for the first time in my life as a Christmas present to myself, having some bit of doubt I went out on a limb because it was a sale at Costco.  


It was about February of 2017 that I first began to experience a disruptive flickering in the screen when I moved my laptop from one surface to another. In March 2017 the problem began to make the system barely usable. Requiring me to shut the screen and reopen it to get it working again. Sometimes that would work and I had to perform a hard shutdown.


I contacted Lenovo support around this time to see about getting it repaired, the only options were to send it in or drop it off at best buy for repair. My preference was to send it in to Lenovo for repair, thinking that their repair facility would be better equipped.  Unfortunately this was the same week I was heading back to The Netherlands for 7 weeks and this laptop was the only way I could skype back and forth with my kids while away. I opted to deal with the problem as frustrating as it was.


Flash forward to November 2017, I finally got around to being able to send it to Lenovo. I travel often and for the reasons above would rather have had an intermitting system than nothing at all however in after returning from over a month in Brazil, I was completely fed up! I finally was able to commit to backing up all my data and sending it off.  


I received my laptop back in late November 207 just in time for my next trip. I managed to boot it up and check it out, things looked OK. However upon booting my laptop up while on a boat in the middle of the Gulf of Mexico I was sitting there typing an e-mail only to have the screen flicker lightly just as it did 9 months prior.


My suggested solution was some kind of Lenovo credit to get a different model, after all most everyone else seems satisfied with their products, at the very least perhaps a swap for a new equivalent model. I even looked into a ThinkPad work station which was about 4k (now that my business is taking off need real mobile horse power).


I am currently in the North Sea where I do not have cell phone service and therefore been communicating via e-mail with Lenovo, and the “escalation” department “customer care” representative says they can send a technician to my home to fix my problem. After informing them that I do not know when I will be home, they proceed to respond by telling me that a technician will be calling me shortly. If anyone reading this doesn’t see the problem with this I don’t understand then what has happened to customer service.


Has anyone else experienced anything like this?

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