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What's DOS?
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Lenovo Yoga 900 Microphone Low/Not Working

Has anyone had any luck solving this issue? When I skype the person on the other end can barely hear me when I speak at normal volume.

It also does not work when I plug in my headset (with microphones attached) into the audio jack, I have tried three different headsets.

I have spoken at/into the laptop microphone (without the headsets pluged in) and it made no difference in volume for the other side.

I made sure that the mic is not muted or anything, its just not picking up on my voice very well, or at all.

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Re: Lenovo Yoga 900 Microphone Low/Not Working

Hi Juliana,


Welcome to Lenovo Forums.


Run a complete uninstall of skype.


The latest version is current There is a possibility that the Skype of the body of the file is corrupted. Also, Re-installation (or update) of the audio device driver


Please let me know your findings.





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Re: Lenovo Yoga 900 Microphone Low/Not Working

It is not just Skype, it does the same thing (not working, faint sound) with GoToMeeting  (Citrix product).  This problem is noted on two different threads, and no one has yet to find the solution.  Any additional help?  Is this a hardware-only issue that Tech support can verify was able to be fixed by a technician?  Or, other help since many users have the same issue? Tx!

What's DOS?
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Re: Lenovo Yoga 900 Microphone Not Working - Muting itself

I have the same issue.  I bought my computer from best buy and they sent it out to Lenovo on Dec 12 and got it back Dec 29 2017 for this issue and it worked for one day but the microphone mutes itself.  When you go to sound and check on the level for the mic it just goes up and down all by itelf.  I noticed this issue while on a skype call.  I reinstalled skype at least 5 times and reinstalled all the drivers over and over.  Finally sent it out for repair.  Lenovo replaced the screen because they said that the mic doing that was a hardware issue and that if they replaced the screen that would fix it but I am still having the same issue.  When I try to record something using the microphone same issue.  Impossible to do a skype call.  This is the second time that I am sending my computer to Lenovo for this exact issue.  I understant their logic if they replace the screen when the microphone is located then it should fix it, but they kept my computer for two and 1/2 weeks and all they had to do is test it with skype and they would see that it was not fixed.  They should have tried testing with skype for at least 2 or 3 days.  Mind you that best buy did everything in their power on the software side and even thought it was a virus causing that but it worked for a short time and issue keeps on reoccuring and the microphone just goes out of control and is erratic all by itself.  Volume goes up and down all by itself.  I hope this time they will be able to fix it once and for all or call my computer a lemon if they can't fix it.  The problem is each day without my computer is a mess for me.  Not having the computer for so long and having to send it back for the same issue causes so much stress.  I hope they will contact me on this asap.  

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