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Fanfold Paper
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Lenovo Yoga 900 - "Always-on" USB port not working

My laptop is Lenovo Yoga 900. 

BIOS version C6CN39WW


I'm not able to use USB "Always-on" port. When computer is on it works like charm, but it doesn't charge any devices when I turn the laptop off. In Lenovo settings everything is ok (toggle shows USB Always-on port is active). There's no "USB always on" setting in that version of BIOS.


What am I doing wrong? Is it sth with drivers, or is it a hardware issue (but port generally is working). 


I restored to factory settings but with no success. 






Always-on USB port on my laptop is powered when the laptop is off, but probably not sufficiently. When I connect small device like Bluetooth headset adapter it looks like been charged (however I don't yet know if it is actually charging). On the other hand my smartphone (iPhone 7) is not charging at all. In both cases it doesn't matter if toggle in Lenovo Settings is on or off. USB is somehow active. So maybe it is a Lenovo Settings App issue?

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Re: Lenovo Yoga 900 - "Always-on" USB port not working

Hi there, KubaM         -


Thank you for writing in to the Lenovo Forum - happy to have you here today.


Did you checked with all USB ports?


There should be settings in the Power Manager to turn on Always On/Powered USB ports; however, it is important to note for this functionality to work you must have the computer plugged into an AC adapter when the computer is off to receive power through these types of ports.


Power Manager -> Advanced Settings -> Global Power Settings tab, and check the boxes "Enable Always on USB" and "Enable even when the computer is in hibernation or powered off."


Update us how it goes.







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Fanfold Paper
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Re: Lenovo Yoga 900 - "Always-on" USB port not working

Thanks for the reply,

I did check all USB ports but I mean the one which is marked with a battery symbol next to USB symbol (picture attached).


Actually it should work even if laptop is powerd off and unpugged form the wall (it used to work like this in the past, as well as my wife's Yoga 500 works like this - just like power bank- laptop may be disconnected from the wall).

Speaking of my wife's Yoga 500 it has a phoenix BIOS wich has the ability to enable/disable "USB Always on". Mine laptop doesn't and that mayby the issue. Is there any way to update/downgrade BIOS to a proper one (my Yoga is 90013ISK)?IMG_0374.JPG


Do you mean "Power Options" in Windows 10? I can't see "Always enable On" there. My notebook is not equipped with any Power Manager app, and actually never been. The only third party app to manage battery is Lenovo Settings.


And what is strange, small devices like bloetooth adaprers charge.


Is ti possible, that power output through this USB is to weak to charge iPhone 7? How is it possible, that Yoga 500 is able to charge iphone?

Fanfold Paper
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Re: Lenovo Yoga 900 - "Always-on" USB port not working

Anyone else has Yoga 900 with BIOS version C6CN39WW? Are you able to charge your iPhones from this magic USB port while laptop is off and unplugged?

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