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Fanfold Paper
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Lenovo Yoga 920 WinTab Driver

First time posting here so I hope this is in the right spot.

I just purchased a Yoga 920, and I'm trying to set up the Active Pen 2 with it but am struggling a bit.


To my knowledge, the "WinTab" driver doesn't come installed on the computer, and the instructions tell me to install the latest driver by going to However, I don't know which is actuallly the correct driver? They're all labeled with Thinkpad this or that, which is not the laptop that I have.


Any help with what the correct driver would be greatly appreciated.

I'm also wondering if the driver is required to allow the pen to connect to the computer through bluetooth? I currently cannot connect it and the light doesn't flash, but I wasn't sure if that were a result of not having the drivers installed yet -- and I'm having some trouble finding answers.



Blue Screen Again
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Re: Lenovo Yoga 920 WinTab Driver

"Having trouble finding answers"... yeah, tell me about it!


I have a Yoga 920 and an active pen... I have no idea why it doesn't simply work.

  • there are no instructions in the pen's box
  • there's nothing in the Yoga 920 user guide
  • the support page doesn't recognise 'Lenovo Active Pen' as a product
  • the Windows 'Touch & Ink' settings don't help either

Never having used a pen with Windows before, I haven't a clue and am unhappy that Lenovo doesn't think it is important to explain what to do; for example I need the answers to basic questions:

  • do I have to switch the pen on... is there an on/off button
  • do I have to pair the pen to the Yoga before it can be used... how
  • do I need to download software... where from... how
  • how do I know it's paired / working / switched on
  • etc


Fanfold Paper
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Re: Lenovo Yoga 920 WinTab Driver

There are instructions in the box, they’re just kind of hidden. If you lift the black plastic that the pen is held in, they’re under there. You have to hold down the top button until some lights flash to pair is the short version. 


I still havent been able to pair it (though I’m able to use it; if you put in the AAAA battery you can write and use the two side buttons. I have mostly been using it in OneNote and it works fine there) and I’m wondering if it isn’t just a matter of replacing the small batteries that go in the cap—I just haven’t gotten around to it yet. Will let you know if that does anything. 

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