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Lenovo Yoga 920 issues (randomly black screen, video playback, fan noise)

I really liked the concept of the Lenovo Yoga and was happy to get the 920 when it came it. Unfortunately until now there are a couple of issues that still occur, although I thought it might have been some driver issues that'd get fixed over time - I always have all the latest drivers and update through Windows Update, Intel Driver Assistant and Lenovo Vantage. But since that is not the case, I want to share all my known issues after nearly 2 years of use that still bother me (a lot).


Video playback crashes in windows with more than one (hardware accelarated) videos simultaniously:

Specificly when watching some video in the browser and PowerDVD playing. Other combinations (two browser windows) might also be possible as well. PowerDVD crashes when I watch the browser video in full screen and only when I watch it in full screen. This might also be not directly connected to the Yoga but windows in general but I never had such problems before with Windows 10 and it was there from the beginning of using the Yoga.


Laptop occasionally not booting up:

When turned off and turning on again, sometimes even the Lenovo Boot Screen isn't showing. The Yoga is stuck with a black screen, keyboard backlight turned on.


Lenovo Yoga Mode Control software eating up too much CPU power:

The software developed to discover the Yoga's rotation (and others) is eating up too much CPU power. This is especially the case when the laptop is not put on a steady ground, as it constantly recognized motion. This also causes the fan to turn up much too often.


Fan turned on too often:

Unfortunately the Yoga is not the quietest laptop. Personally I feel the fan is turning on much too often. So there is no great power state management. This might also be accompanied by the Yoga Mode Control software.


The input devices are not top notch:

The keyboard is good, it is especially quiet, but could compromize loudness over snappier typing we are used by Lenovo. Even worse, the Touchpad is not perfect as well. I really like the size but it's precission is not comparable to a MacBook touchpad. That's why usually on my MacBook I stay with the Touchpad and with the Yoga I use my external mouse. At least the Touchpad could get an improvement with a driver update whereas the keyboard is only a wish for future iterations.


On mouse hover on a browser video playback the color changes:

Even though I turned off all color adjustments in the Intel driver the screen color still changes when I hover over a video playback eg. in the browser.


I am aware that some of those problems might be related to Windows or drivers only but I never had those problems when using other Windows laptops that's why I still connect them with the Yoga 920.


Btw. I have the 4K, i7, 1TB, 16 GB version, if that is helpful.

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Re: Lenovo Yoga 920 issues (randomly black screen, video playback, fan noise)

Welcome to the community.


I have a 920, though it's not the dressed-out one yours is. I use it as a backup computer. My 910 which IS dressed out is the workhorse. As it's not my main machine, it doesn't have a lot ON it. I will say I don't have any of the issues you do.  Let me address a couple things.


First, see this thread for a possible solution to the YMC issue.  That could fix the fan problem. If it doesn't, use Task Manager to figure out what's hogging the processor. I believe the latest BIOS will also allow you to mitigate fan spins. Again, not something I've experienced so I haven't investigated further. My fan ramps are pretty predictable: Background virus scanning, background Windows/program updates, background Cloud sync. Even Chrome updating will speed up the fan. I believe it was Windows 1803 that wrecked my home network. All of my Windows 10 machines would go nuts at logon trying to connect to the Win7 computers. Took some time to fix that. Point being, every time the fan ramps up, I can generally figure out what's causing it and address it. With each new Windows update comes a new round of detective work. Smiley Happy


Can't say I've ever tried to run two videos simultaneously. I might give that a try just to see if I can duplicate your issue. I have hardware acceleration turned OFF in Chrome, which still jitters with some videos. Edge runs the same videos just fine.


Brings me to PowerDVD. Nothing against them, but I gave up PowerDVD probably 6 versions, ago. The frequent crashes or balks at playing some discs was the primary decision. Later versions introduced a number of authentication processes that users said ate up resources or threw errors. I now use VLC for everything. 


The touchpad I don't have an issue with and I also haven't experienced any color shifts when hovering over things. Sorry, I can't help with that. 


I will ask if you updated to 1809 BEFORE May. There are a LOT of random issues for those who updated to 1809 before the Intel driver fixes that were released this past May. My 920 wouldn't automatically update to 1809 until those drivers got replaced. Then it went from 1803 to 1809 to 1903 in the span of just a couple of days. If you DID update prior to May, you might consider resetting the 920 and starting over. Tracking down all the things 1809 could have wrecked can be time intensive. 


Lastly, give a frequent look into your Event Viewer for system errors. Anything that shows up a LOT is probably worth investigating.


Good luck and keep us posted. The 920 is a fine machine. Windows updates...ehhhh. Smiley Happy

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