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Punch Card
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Lenovo Yoga Bluetooth connection problem



I have connected the microsoft wedge mouse and a bluetooth headset to my yoga. I am having the following problems


1, Mouse - at certain times the mouse icon start flashing and moving around haphazardly - as i move the mouse the mouse icon moves very irregularly as if there is interferance between transmission of laptop and mouse - this last for a few seconds and then returns back to normal

2, Bluetooth audio - whilst playing a video on youtube the mouse cuts for half to 1 sec at various points. This does not happen with laptop speakers.


I tried uninstalling the bluetooth drivers as it was suggested, yet this did not solve the issue.


Hope this issue can be solved



Punch Card
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Re: Lenovo Yoga Bluetooth connection problem

I started having a similar issue when I installed the latest Wifi/BT driver.  Even after I rolled back to the older driver, something had changed.


I no longer am able to use my BT Creative D100 speakers as it causes my BT mouse to act up (similar symptoms you are having; but my mouse never stabilized). In addition, my USB3 Ethernet adapter no longer automatically switches back to Wifi when I unplug it (I have to manually reconnect to my wireless router).


I very much regret installing the new drivers.  Before that, my Yoga 13 was very solid/stable.

Fanfold Paper
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Re: Lenovo Yoga Bluetooth connection problem

I have a better experience as my microsoft sculpt touch mouse now works fine - before it was always disconnecting.

Otherwise I have noticed the following with this new update:

- you have to update the bios version too to maximise the improvement

- regarding the special settings of my card, and after lots of test, my best setting is :

  •  Antenna diversity type : 3 (before upgrade of bios, i had no wifi with 3 as value) - it seems it gaves me a slight enhancement
  • Bandwith: 20_40
  • Selective suspend : enabled (disabled doesn't change anything)
  • Selective suspend timeout: 30 (more doesn't change)
  • Wifi-config: wifi (that's the real trick, if set to Performance, the drop in performance is impressive)

in the meanwhile i was typing that i experienced a slight bluetooth connexion drop... less than before, but it's not totally fixed.

i think alas that the choice of the wifi card is just very bad. I ordered back in 2008 a profesional Dell laptop with a wifi n 2x2 450Mbits minipci. I expected that in 2012-13, an ultrabook without lan connexion and a ssd would at least provide a 2x2 (dual band) 300 Mbits wifi n... but here it's just the cheapest wifi n single band + bluetooth bundle which has been put. The worst is that's an economy of maybe 20€ which is ridiculous on a >1000€ machine.

Once the guarantee has passed, i think i'll upgrade my machine with a decent minipci wifi card and that's all. At least it seems that the dismounting of the Yoga 13 is quite well documented.


Punch Card
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Re: Lenovo Yoga Bluetooth connection problem

The following seems to have improved the situation significantly - yet still not 100% sure if it is completely resolved




This Realtek driver in the link below appears to be the latest RTL8732A bluetooth driver released by Lenovo. While the driver says it's for the RTL8732AE it also works with the RTL8732A on the Lenovo Yoga and includes version 1.3.744.3 of the bluetooth driver. There are numerious fixes included in the driver including more efficient memory management. You may want to give it a try and see if it corrects the bluetooth mouse lag. I've downloaded and installed in on my Lenovo Yoga 13. I'm using a Microsoft Sculpt Bluetooth mouse....and it seems to be working but only time will tell if the lag is gone. Also, if you haven't done so you might want to disable power management on the bluetooth radio by opening up devmgmt.msc and selecting the properties of "Realtek Bluetooth 4.0 + High Speed Chip" device and uncheck the option under Power Management to "allow the computer to turn off this device to save power"


Realtek RTL8723AE Bluetooth Software for Windows 8 (64-bit), 7 (32-bit, 64-bit) - ThinkPad X230s

Punch Card
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Re: Lenovo Yoga Bluetooth connection problem

So just to give some more info.


I have a bluetooth headset connected to the machine and the bluetooth wedge mouse.


What is happening is that all of a sudden i get no audio to the headset than after about 30sec i get audio yet the mouse stops working.


Also it seems when i load programs or save files etc the bluetooth connection glitches


Switching off and on the mouse resolves everything.


Is it really that difficult to solve this issue - can we at least be notified whether this problem is acknowledged and whether someone is actually working on a solution



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