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Lenovo Yoga Book pen delay/lag in some programs

I've been having a couple issues with my pen in Adobe Animate CC and several other apps. Basically I was getting a common issue where when I go to draw something the cursor is delayed and after a short moment it jumps back to the pen leaving a straight line behind it. The fix for this would usually be to disable flicks and the press and hold feature. On my Yoga book however when I would do that the pen would only leave a dot on the screen when I went to draw, and I wouldnt be able to move it from that spot until i went back into the halo keyboard and moved/clicked the mouse. I almost forgot to mention that I've installed MULTIPLE different versions of the wacom feel drivers however none of them fix it. Actually the newest wacom feel drivers make it so I cant use my pen AT ALL and it just gets stuck in the top left corner of my screen. So what I've done is installed some older drivers but all that did was fix my pressure sensitivity issue. Now the issue I'm having is when I go to draw something it just drags the canvas. I've tried many different things, nothing works.

 If no one knows how to fix this I was thinking of buying wacoms "Bamboo Ink Smart Stylus". Could that possibly fix it?


The apps I've tried on the yoga book that work are Sketchbook pro and Clip Studio Paint. The ones that don't work are Adobe Animate CC, Macromedia flash 8, and the free flash alternative vectorian giotto.

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