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What's DOS?
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Lenovo Yoga C630 1.33 Firmware issues(?)

I'm not sure this issue will get to who it needs to, but I have found a couple of issues with the Yoga C630 WOS Firmware version 1.33.


First is that it no longer boots off of USB keys that are larger than 32GB without a little... help...  If you put 2 USB keys that are larger than 32GB in (so 1 in each USB port), then the one on the left side (sim card, power led) will show up as "UEFI: USB Hard Drive", whereas the one on the right (headphone jack, power button) will show up as "UEFI: USB USB Hard Drive" and it will boot from the device in the left port.

If only 1 USB key larger than 32GB is plugged in, it shows up as "UEFI: USB USB Hard Drive" and will not boot from it, even when selecting it with the boot prompt.  It simply boots into Windows.  Booting from a 128GB or even 256GB USB key was possible without the hoops of connecting multiple devices on the 1.23 firmware, so it would be nice if whatever change was made that makes this not work, could be reverted?


The second (possible) issue is that virtualization support isn't turned on.  This is unfortunate as it means that WSL2 (Windows Subsystem for Linux version2) is not supported on the Lenovo Yoga C630 WOS device, whereas the Samsung Galaxybook2 which has a firmware dated the same DOES have the support turned on, and WSL2 works on it.  It would be nice if the developers behind the firmware could enable the support. 


I'm not sure if this is the correct forum, or how to get these issues in front of the developers, but hopefully someone from Lenovo shows up and can pass the information on?  For context, I'm the Kali Linux developer that works on our WSL support, and am absolutely in love with the C630 device (I've purchased 2, and they both show the same issues despite build dates of around 6 months apart) and would love to have WSL2 support working on the Lenovo C630 as I find it more convenient to pack up and use compared to the Galaxybook2.

What's DOS?
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Re: Lenovo Yoga C630 1.33 Firmware issues(?)

I've got exactly the same problem with firmware 1.33:

*USB boot devices above 32 GB not being detected in the boot menu

*Virtualization not working


Any chance Lenovo will fix these issues and release a new firmware?


If it wasn't for this topic I wouldn't have even known that the USB boot menu was capable of detecting USB boot devices whatsoever because all my drives are much larger than 32 GB! On top of that I cannot even boot anything from USB because it crashes on "starting ntfs partition service".


I did manage to dual boot using internal disk partitions as well as booting from a VHDX (Native Boot) - but the 164 third-party Qualcomm drivers needed to first be exported using PowerShell before being re-injected into an install.wim file that I wished to dual boot - otherwise there is no keyboard, touchscreen, trackpad or external wireless input support (except in recovery); Windows 10 on ARM sadly does not ship with a single driver that the C630 can utilize. 

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