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Fanfold Paper
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Re: Lenovo Yoga C930 Pen doesn't work

 Hola a todos,mismo problema,el lapiz no funciona en absoluto,y al parecer es un problema generalizado de este modelo,no entiendo que no hayan creado ya algun driver para solucionarlo ya que es un problema del lapiz y del puerto del ordenador.intentare contactar con el servicio tecnico de aqui y haber si solo po rel tiempo ya tienen alguna solucion.

Paper Tape
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Re: Lenovo Yoga C930 Pen doesn't work

I exchanged the laptop and the new one had 2 charging pins in the stylus silo. The pen now charges.

Paper Tape
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Re: Lenovo Yoga C930 Pen doesn't work

Update: I received a phone call today from Lenovo.  The woman reported to me that I "did not send in the pen with my computer."  I proceeded to inform the lady that I sent my machine back in January with all original parts and in the original packaging.  That per the notes in the service ticket, it was received and accepted.  Lenovo made it clear they would not accept a computer for repair without all the parts required--so why am I getting this call now?  Shouldn't I have been called in January?  Furthermore, the notes say that the machine was tested and the technician was able to replicate the problem with the pen not charging--which to me means, you had the pen in order to conduct the test.  Your notes then indicate it was placed on hold because the replacement part was unavailable.  AND NOW YOU'RE CALLING ME TO TELL ME THIS?  Sounds to me like YOUR folks lost the pen.  Or this is some stall tactic.  I told the woman, I originally purchased said item in December, we are now in March and I still don't have it.  The original purpose for purchasing it was to help me be able to draft a paper for graduate school and be mobile.  My paper is almost finished no thanks to this experience.  I asked for a FULL REFUND.  After looking at the notes, she agreed the scenario laid out in the notes and in my story were pretty ridiculous, and I should get my money back.  My case was elevated and I am supposed to be hearing from a person in the next few business days.


This has been an unbelievable ordeal.  SHAME ON YOU LENOVO!  And I better receive a FULL REFUND for this (no restocking fee).


I'll let you know what happens.  Cannot recommend these products anymore.

Paper Tape
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Re: Lenovo Yoga C930 Pen doesn't work

So did you ever get your laptop back? I can't believe what a debacle this became for you.

What's DOS?
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Re: Lenovo Yoga C930 Pen doesn't work

Can you take a screen shot of the window that opens up when you click on the big red L in the top left corner when you open Lenovo Pen Settings

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