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Lenovo Yoga Pro 3 - Black screen, no fan, but power.

2016-05-19, 9:25 AM

So I recently came to South Korea to teach and my computer was working fine. i have two lenovo yoga series computer, one being the 2 and one being the 3 pro.


The 3 pro I literally have used maybe 12 times. I bought it a while back but it was not convenient for the size at that time so I kept using my smaller once. So it is pretty much brand new.


It booted up, it was charged, I was able to log on, then suddenly it went black and I have not been able to get a screen since then. I've never dropped it, I've barely put anything on it, it was working fine two days beforehand, then boom, nothing. I can't hear the fan going on it either, but then again, I never really noticed a fan noise in the beginning, either.


  1. I let it die on its own hoping maybe that would work.
  2. I charged it fully as well.
  3. I tried the 'press the power button so-and-so times for this' to try to hard-restart or something of the like.
  4. I know I have power because the light comes on, and I am able to make the lighting behind the keyboard come on and off. The screen is the only problem at this point.


Since I just moved to Korea, I am obviously not fluent. I had my coteacher call Lenovo Korea for me and they said my computer wasn't covered under Korean Warranty, but from what I read it is. It doesn't end until January of 2017 either.

So I'm at a loss. I can't speak fluent Korean so I can't call myself, and I can't put in for a callback. I may have my parents call the USA number, but then I'd have to ship it to the US then have it shipped to Lenovo. I also don't know where the nearest Lenovo care center is.


So, suggestions? Maybe aid? I don't have an HDMI cord that will fit it to an external screen, and currently don't have time to go get one. Nor do I want to waste money if it doesn't work.


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Re: Lenovo Yoga Pro 3 - Black screen, no fan, but power.

2016-05-19, 10:08 AM

Hello Kitsumiya,

I guess I also had this problem on my lenovo yoga 3-1470 before, but I am not so sure about it. There was once when I power on my lenovo yoga 3-1470, it went black screen, and I thought my lenovo yoga 3-1470 screen has spoilt. I tried restarting the system over and over by pressing the power on button. But when I put the screen under the light, I could see a very faint message box, asking me to restart. My lenovo yoga 3-1470 was touch-screen, hence I touch restart, and the screen came back normal again.

This is not the solution to your problem, but I am just enquring on whether are you facing the same problem as me. If it persists, I guess you would have to send it for fixing, or look around for other solutions. 




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