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Lenovo failed me and Windows 10 Upgrade ruined my productivity

2016-07-23, 13:34 PM

I bought this Yoga 2 13" in early 2014 and loved it - except for a hardware problem. The sound doesn't always work, and it is sometimes manipulated by touching the keyboard, which seriously indicates that it is a hardware problem. The computer screen consistently tells me that I've just "plugged in" or "unplugged" an audio jack, when I'm typing or sometimes doing nothing at all. It is humiliating when I'm showing my screen to a coworker (who then asks, "Why is your expensive laptop malfunctioning and distracting me with these popups?"), and it is inconvenient when I'm trying to watch a movie with speakers (because it will literally mute my movie, diverting sound to the audio jack). After months of discussion on Lenovo forums (because some other users had this problem), Lenovo concluded they would not stand by their laptops, and would not replace the laptop or sound card, but would investigate the problem if someone with the problem would volunteer to forfeit their laptop for 6 weeks so that Lenovo can have a look at it.  YEAH - who is going to go without their laptop for 6 weeks? So I've lived with this problem ever since (a problem which pops up several times a day).


So - FAILURE #1, Lenovo.


Windows 10 update - I tried this when it was available - and it destroyed my ability to function. My screen would flash or shut off entirely, and simple programs like Adobe Reader stopped working. I reverted back to Windows 8.1 until Windows FORCED me to update (first they informed me in a pop-up that I would cease to receive Windows Updates, leaving my computer open to attack, THEN they began forcing pop-ups on me that had no option to ignore, and no "close" or "exit" buttons, so the pop up would remain on top of all of my windows). Now, with Windows 10 for the past two months, I've returned to having a screen flashing and shutting off problem. It happened during a work meeting once and it was painfully embarassing. I visited the Lenovo forums to try to fix the issue - I've followed all the advice and directions Lenovo has reponded with, but the problem has not gone away. Instead, now I lose my touch screen capability whenever I start up my computer when it is not plugged in, or whenever I come back from standby, and I occasionally lose my touchpad with no rhyme or reason (which becomes excruciating when I lose both at once). I can't tell if these things happen on their own as a part of Windows 10+Lenovo software not working together, or if it has to do with any of the interventions I tried in order to stop my touch screen from flashing.


FAILURE #2, Lenovo.


So now, less than 2.5 years after buying this laptop and experiencing hardware and software problems not fixed (or flat out not addressed by the Lenovo company), I have no choice buy to buy a new laptop. I'm a student and not made of money, so I typically expect my $1K+ devices to last more than 2.5 years. However, with this incongruency between Lenovo and Windows 10 (I know this isn't a Windows 10 problem - my colleagues with Windows 10 on their laptops have LOVED their upgrade), my productivity has plumetted. With Lenovo's FAILURES to address their hardware AND software problems, I will never buy Lenovo again. In fact, I'm going to get the nearly identical competing product from HP. I hope they don't let me down like you have, Lenovo. Thank you so much for letting me down in the pursuit of obtaining my PhD.

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