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Lenovo has become the worst when it comes to customer service! Yoga 730

2020-07-24, 19:09 PM

I have had a lenovo Yoga 730 purchased in June 2019. The screen started popping off in March 2020 and I constantly for the last three months have been on call with Lenovo customer service that due to the pandemic I cannot send my laptop in as I have to work on it. Finally in June 2020, Lenovo themselves call me and tell me that I can still send the laptop in and whatever repairs need to be done will be covered in the Warranty and ADP as I had raised the complaint in March 2020. Now that I have sent the laptop in early July (within the 30 days of lenovo raising the ticket), I get an email saying that I have to pay for repairs because the repair is not included in the warranty (What the actual hell???!) I called them on Monday July 20th (immediately) and was told that they are including the repairs in  the warranty but cannot do anything about ADP. Today (July 24th) I get an email saying they discovered an issue with the battery and that I have to shell out 120$ because the battery, apparently is not included in the warranty. I have been on call with lenovo TWICE TODAY explaining the entire bloody ordeal two times and still being put on hold saying that they are connecting me to their supervisor and that they will again email or call me back. Which they clearly didnt since I spoke to them on Monday as well with the assurance that someone from lenovo will call back in 24 hours. This is PATHETIC and not what I expected from Lenovo being a long time and loyal customer. So bloody disappointed. This is nothing short of cheating a customer.


They received the laptop on July 10th and told me that all repairs will be done and will be included in the warranty and the laptop will be returned to me in 9 business days! What is this farce?? Its been 3 weeks now and I am slated to leave the States in 10 days and they are still giving me the company line of they will call me back in 48 hours. Does lenovo think people are that gullible?  Its been four months since this bull**bleep** started and I still havent gotten a straight answer from lenovo. Give me my entire money back if standing by your word is that difficult! At this point I'd rather buy a laptop from another company than trust lenovo ever again.  


SO DISAPPOINTED! Never expected this sort of treatment from Lenovo. 


p.s. I am still on hold with lenovo as I write this! 






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Re:Lenovo has become the worst when it comes to customer service! Yoga 730

2020-07-24, 22:15 PM

I feel you pain.   I stopped recommending Lenovo laptops to customers long ago simply because I could not afford to have unhappy customers due to Lenovo's lousy support; and I was paying for "premium support".    


Back when IBM still handled support for the Lenovo ThinkPads support was great, parts were readily available, and service was prompt, but once IBM was out of the picture, things snowballed downhill fast.


Best advice is to not accept callback promises that will not be kept, and demand to speak to a supervisor/manager who can escalate your issue.




Best of luck.    

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