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What's DOS?
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Lenovo yoga 11s shuts down ONLY on cable

Hi, I got the following problem:


My lenovo yoga 11s (Machine Type Model: 80AB59397858 P/N 59397858) works perfectly fine on battery but when I plug in the cable it usually shuts down within 20-30 minutes, sometimes within 5 minutes (not immideately)

I tried to move the cable back and forth -- no, it is not the case, the contact is fine.

I also changed thermo glue on the CPU

Different charger cable didn't help

Playing around with power settings and software didn't help either

System log is empty -- it shuts down through hardware.

Thermal sensors show 60-70C on CPU.

Interesting: If I set performance to "balanced", it sometimes hangs with corrupted image on screen -- clearly GPU problem. Since there is no separate graphics adapter, I am thinking about overheating, but thermometer does not agree Smiley Happy


Thank you for any participation

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Re: Lenovo yoga 11s shuts down ONLY on cable


I can suspect overheating. There are laptops that usually shuts down before your motherboard will be fried. (Maybe a battery problem?)

Your integrated GPU seems to be dying as well, since there is this corrupted image thing on your screen, maybe reinstalling your integrated GPU driver may help?

It seems your laptop is very problematic, and there seems to be a lot of issues to be fixed, I suggest you go to the Lenovo Service Center and hope they may help you, or try to do all of this by your own.

Or maybe buy a new laptop instead, it may take even a lot of time to fix your laptop, as you see laptops are made to be disposable hardware as some years go by. Average lifespan of laptops are between 3-5 yrs, and issues pop out further as the your laptop goes older.

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