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Lenovo yoga 3 pro audio driver does not work Lenovo support is trash

My audio driver does not work, it only works when I reinstall it, but this is temporary. After I restart it, it will stop working again. Yes, it is my default device. Yes, I've tried plugging earphones in 100 times in and out. I contacted support about this. When he told me it was not covered by warranty, I told him I knew this, I did not want warranty. but surely there was some guidance or steps they could tell i could do, but no. So if anyone can help me out here, and its been a few months of no sound so apologies if I come across as an angry nut, but I am fed up with support. Thanks for reading/ answering


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Re: Lenovo yoga 3 pro audio driver does not work Lenovo support is trash

I haven't seen this problem on my device, however, have you tried doing a clean install of Windows 8.1/10? Also if that doesn't work, try to contact technical support for a motherboard replacement as you would have ruled out a software problem.

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