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What's DOS?
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Lenovo yoga 500 14 broken back lid ( hinge) problem no warranty support from Turkey tech. service



I bought lenovo yoga 500 14 ISK on January 2016. After 1,5 years later i aware that there is some problem on the left bottom side (near the hinge) than one week later i saw that screen and back lid seperated from left bottom side and when i look at in i saw that the screw hole is broken from inside and the screw is not tightening the back lid anymore. And my pc never dropped. It is under 2 year warranty and after i sent my pc to Turkey technical service, they said that your actions are completed and when i see the pc right side is broken. First of all i do not want to take back but they said that you can not take pc back so they force me to take my pc. day  by day crack is going bigger and bigger.


When i called technical service they said that me (laughing) i forced the pc lid which is 360 degree. and also they said to me opening the lid from only one side causes this problem.  It is not written anywheere taht "dont open lid from left or right side" . I used 7 -8 years lenovo and also2 years work pc laptop Lenovo in very hard conditions and there is no even 1 problem. But my latest pc is falling apart day by day . Not a laptop anymore because opening lid will make my pc not work soon so lid is always open. I need Lenovo center help because people in Turkey unfortunately doesnt help for money. So i dont want them to repair my pc anymore too. After many discussion they are going to break other parts too and i dont trust them. Please help me to be repaired and please change the technical services in turkey.



What's DOS?
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Re: Lenovo yoga 500 14 broken back lid ( hinge) problem no warranty support from Turkey tech. servi

Same here, it's such a shame how badly build this laptop is, however, if you take a look at the model right after it the yoga 510 it works just fine. This problem that you are talking about for some reason cut the wire that connects the display with the motherboard and now I have to work on an external monitor, I don't know why such an important hinge is held together by a screw!!! 

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