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Paper Tape
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Re: Lenovo yoga 710 14" Screen Flickering

20180804_172854.jpgThe red box identifies the lcd cable. The problem for the flickering occurs due to the kinking of the lcd cable which tugs onto the LCD connector (worsening the contact to the pin header) as you bend the LCD screen up and down. I routed my cable more towards the left to reduce the amount of tugging on the pin connector due to the cable. So far the flickering is gone as expected.

Paper Tape
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Re: Lenovo yoga 710 14" Screen Flickering

I fixed the problem. What i did was reconnect the LCD cable, followed alanly's tips and fastening all visible screws (to avoid grounding problem i think).

Paper Tape
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Re: Lenovo yoga 710 14" Screen Flickering

It seems the problem is a pure hardware problem, due to a cheap cable construction. The same problem occurs on all 710-730, and apparently also on 900-series. Lenovo has failed to give us instructions on how to repair the problems. I think the best solution is to avoid Lenovos.


My 710 was in 2 times for «repair», then in for replacing the LCD screen, then in for «reinstalling», then in for changing the mentioned LCD-cable. And after they replaced the LCD cable, the flickering was gone!
But when I got it back, the left hinge was loose, camera did not work, and WIFI was weak.. Back to repair shop, which replaced hinge and back lid, Camera, WIFI and SSD! Now the Warranty had expired, so it cost me $400! However the keyboard did not work so I returned the laptop the same day. The Workshop offered to repair the keyboard for $200, (agreed to $80 as the keyboard was OK prior to repair).


Hope to have it back soon. The laptop has been at the repair shop nearly half the time I owned it.



What's DOS?
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Re: Lenovo yoga 710 14" Screen Flickering

I have had this issue for 12 months.


This is the link that worked for me.  I used the second method.  Feels like I have a new laptop!


Good luck!

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