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Looking for Yoga 720 owners's experience



I have a great quote from lenovo in regards to Yoga 720 with the following spec


4k display

i7 770hq

16gb ram

256gb ssd

1050 2gb


However, all the reviews I'm hearing in regards to the issue with display, battery, thermal etc is making me shy away from purchasing the laptop.


So, I was wondering, how your guys Yoga 720 been treating and if it was worth the purchase?


If not, do you think it will be worth it to pay $400 extra for dell xps 15 9570 with similar spec(1080p not 4k)?


My laptop needs are for school and programming purposes, so both specs are fine to purchase, however, I'm not sure if Lenovo is reliable with their QC and their yoga line in regards to issue. It would be very problematic if I purchase Yoga 720 and starts having trouble in middle of my school term as that means I would need to send back for repair and take long time for it to return for use again.


Here is the link to the forum where I read all the bad aftermath of purchasing Yoga 720:


Any insight would be appreciated in regards to the yoga 720!


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Re: Looking for Yoga 720 owners's experience

Always remember, the owners who are happy with their 720s DON'T come to these forums because their machines are working well.

That said, I sold my 720 (same specs as yours but a 512 hard drive). I had it for about 3 months but wanted the iCore 7 I got the then, brand new 15" 730, with lesser specs, (8 gigs ram, 256hd, and full HD not UHD. I paid the same price for both machines. I had a tinge of remorse because the 720 really was the better machine. If I were to go back, I'd get the 720 over the 730. I gave my 730 to my son for Christmas. I now have the C930 and it's hands down better than either of those. (16gigs and 1TB PCIe SSD m.2 with UHD)

So why did I give the 730 away? One reason: It was way too heavy for me to take to my medical appointments. The weight difference is night an day.

I came on these boards years ago when my Yoga 900 was getting way too hot. I came back when I was thinking about purchasing the C930 and then started to read about the issues with the 720 and 730. Quite literally, neither my ex OR my son have had any of these problems AT ALL.

I paid $850 for my 720. I got a steel (open box). It's worth MORE than every penny I spent. Next to my C930, I'd get the 720.

PS:  My 720 has the same line, but it's really not a thing at all.  It's way at the top and doesn't interfere with anything.  

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